AWWA Day celebration 2020
AWWA Day celebration 2020
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Understanding AWWA

The Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) has been making a difference to the society in their own little way. From providing young entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their talents to establishing schools for children with special needs, AWWA has been active on multiple fronts. Established in 1966 AWWA has been proactive in working towards rehabilitating war widows, while simultaneously making women self-reliant through vocational training courses.

Building a bond

“The idea is to bridge the gap and collectively get the family under one roof and organise and implement elements that will be beneficial for an overall augmentation. Technology plays a pivotal role when it comes to communication which is why the first step was. This idea helped in developing the concept of being approachable which improved communication between families,” says Shivani Singh, an avid traveller and a professional fitness instructor.

Things change when you decide to be a part of the change is a motto Shivani thoroughly believes in. Elaborating the functioning of AWWA, Shivani says, “Over the years I have witnessed a considerable change in the families who are coming into the AWWA fraternity. Families these days understand the importance of education and wish to improvise their existing skills. The whole idea of AWWA is to provide them a platform and the necessary clairvoyant to achieve these goals.”

Bridging the gap

Rome was not built in a day and same applies to AWWA as well. Army wives over the years have put in their heart and soul into building this organisation, which has helped women not just within the fraternity but also outside it.

Elaborating on the growth of AWWA, Neena Jog, an avid virtuoso opines, “In its nascent stages people were quite unaware about the way AWWA functioned. In addition to that, due to lack of technological advancement reaching out to people was difficult. But over the years, things have changed massively and so has AWWA evolved with it. AWWA is no more just tethered to conducting welfares, but has in fact moved further into offering mediums and channels with international recognition.”

Women entering the foray of AWWA are very positive about the changes and wish to improvise on their existing skill sets through the medium of AWWA. The consistent dialogue has brought with it numerous exchange of ideas which are gradually planned and designed taking into consideration the needs of the younger generation.

Talking about AWWA conducting online training sessions Neena says, “The whole idea behind conducting these virtual classes is for people to have a deeper look at the various stems of this organisation. Whether that be professional or personal or economical all areas are perfectly brought together under one banner for easy understanding and implementation.”

Keeping the morale high

“Army wives have always been looked upon with honour for the integrity and equanimity they have showcased in the toughest of times. Whether that be war or a pandemic we have never refrained from building the morale of the society and continue to give our best shot in these tough times as well,” says Rakhi Sharma, TV anchor and former Mrs Punjab.

The world was caught off guard when the pandemic hit India. People were unaware about the whole virus thing and unnecessary miscommunication added up to the chaos.

Highlighting the work AWWA did during the pandemic Rakhi said, “The pandemic brought with it immense negativity and miscommunication, which needed to be brushed apart and it was only possible through virtual communication. AWWA, through its various channels, conducted special training sessions for families and explained them measures to be followed with regards to social distancing and medication. In addition to this, contact centres were established to help families reach out to personnels in need of emergency. This helped in cutting down on misunderstanding and thereby saving chaos during pandemic.”

New Initiatives

In its basket of new initiatives the organisation has been active in increasing awareness about sustainable living and its implementation in daily life. From conducting workshops to introducing courses to bringing in acclaimed speakers, AWWA has been proactive on this new front.

To add a touch of comfort and happiness children became the guiding light in these tough times. Members of AWWA across India, came up with creative elements to not only boost morale but also provide a platform to children to evince their talent. Expatiating the AWWA brainchild Rakhi said, “A lot of online creative activities were conducted for children with CORONA as a theme and numerous competitions were held to bring in a positive vibe. These activities saw a humongous turnout which in turn motivated us to organize more such entertaining elements to identify and appreciate more talent.”

Going through the official AWWA website one realises how efficiently the organisation has been crafted keeping in minds the needs and skills of individuals. Whether you are a businesswoman or have a special skill set that might help others in near future, AWWA has a place for all. It has also been active with regards to ASHA schools for children with special needs where kids are not just provided basic education, but their talents are established on an international platform. It also encourages young talent by indulging in online blogs and vlogs where people can showcase their art and craft.

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