A man getting tested for Coronavirus in Bhopal
A man getting tested for Coronavirus in Bhopal
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BHOPAL: Amid a possible third wave of Covid-19, the state government has set a target of increasing the bed capacity in the hospitals by September 30. By September end, the state aims to have 27,448 beds including 5021 ICU beds and 3297 beds exclusively for children. Steps are also being taken to install oxygen plants in the medical facilities.

As per the health department and the department of medical education, currently there are 19,359 beds including those in intensive care units and the figure is likely to be increased to 27,448. Medical education minister Vishwas Sarang reiterated that the state government is working consistently to increase the beds capacity for children as the medical experts have warned of possible third wave in the coming months. Similarly, oxygen plants are being installed in districts as well as other hospitals to ensure proper supply of oxygen.

The department of medical education currently has 2,983 ICU beds, while the health department has 784 ICU beds. The health department will add 650 beds and DME 575 to the current numbers. By September end, the state aims to have 5021 ICU beds.

Similarly, as far as oxygen-supported beds are concerned, the health department has 11,156 and DME 2,887 beds, and to these 4,193 and 866 more oxygen-supported beds will be added by August 31. With this the total oxygen-supported beds figure will climb to 19,130 in the state.

Oxygen plants are being installed at JP Hospital, Katju Hospital and Bairagarh. Five private hospitals will also have oxygen plants. Work is underway for the installation of oxygen plants in other districts.

Bed capacity in pediatrics to be increased to 3297: The health department and DME have 379 and 644 beds respectively in the pediatric ward of their medical facilities. The two departments will add 964 and 260 beds respectively taking the tally to 2,247.

Besides, the health department has 200 beds in Pediatrics Intensive Care Units (PICU), while the DME has 326 beds for the children. The two departments will arrange for 320 and 204 more beds in their facilities taking the bed capacity to 1,050. So, for children beds will be increased to 3297.

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