Updated on: Sunday, February 02, 2020, 10:57 PM IST

Madhya Pradesh: Colleges respond poorly in providing info pertaining to land to HED

DHE plans to use idle land of colleges for commercial ventures - like opening sports complex, malls and coaching centers – to add to earnings of the institutions.

BHOPAL: Exercise of department of higher education in securing land of colleges seems yielding poor results. About 156 colleges from across the state haven’t provided any information while most of them have sent incomplete information.

Department of higher education (DHE) had asked all government colleges across the state to secure their land by building boundary walls besides correcting the documents related to their property. Colleges were given time to update and correct documents related to land and send details to the department.

In review meeting held by the DHE recently, principal secretary was informed that out of total 516 colleges only 360 provided information on land allotted to them while 156 colleges haven’t send any information at all.

‘Most of the colleges that have sent information haven’t attached the copy of khasra and map allotted to them. This would act hurdle for the perspective plans to be prepared for the colleges,’ said an official.

Moreover, senior officials of the department had also asked about the details related to encroachment of land of colleges, if any. They had also asked the college principals to make effective plan and the get the land freed from encroachers. But most of the colleges didn’t provide information on encroachments as well.

Officials have warned the principals and regional directors to provide the required information in proper format along with documents mentioned in next meeting.

DHE has prepared an ambitious plan to use idle land of colleges for commercial ventures that could add to earnings of the colleges. This includes opening up of sports complex, malls and establishing coaching centers.

Therefore colleges were told to get the documents related to land like khasra and maps updated so that proper plans could be made for it. Colleges were asked to build boundary walls to cover all their land that would also mark their boundaries and remove encroachments.


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Published on: Monday, February 03, 2020, 05:00 AM IST