Police intensify checking during the lockdown on Saturday.
Police intensify checking during the lockdown on Saturday.

BHOPAL: There is some respite from the corona pandemic in MP. The number of active cases has begun to decline for the past few days. The number of patients has not actually reduced. Yet, as more and more patients are recovering and as the number of active cases has become less than what it was a few days ago, the pressure on the hospitals has also begun to lessen.

On April 27, the number of cases was more than 94,000, and after that, it has come down to 88,000. The way the coronavirus was spreading its tentacles in the state, officials of the health department expected that the number of cases would reach 125,000 by en-April.

As the number of cases has begun to reduce, the government looks a little relaxed. The health services have hit the bottom because of the rising number of corona patients. If the disease remains under control, the hospitals will start functioning normally again.

The pressure on oxygen supply has also reduced, since the cases have declined. Had the number of patients continued to swell, the government would have had a major problem in providing beds, oxygen and medicines to the patients. The state is receiving 480MT of oxygen daily. The pressure on the government to supply oxygen has now reduced considerably.

The rate of positive cases has declined in the past one week. According to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the rate of positive cases has somewhat declined. He says at the same time, the rate of recovery has gone up and that of active cases has declined. Chouhan says efforts are being made to arrest spread of the virus at all costs.

Additional chief secretary Mohd Suleman says the prediction, made by a professor of IIT Kanpur Mahendra Agarwal, the pandemic has reached its acme in Madhya Pradesh, and, now, it has begun to decline. According to a senior officer, because of the corona curfew, the cases have declined, and maintaining this trend will be a big challenge in coming days. He further says as soon as the corona curfew is lifted, the people will set out of homes leading to the rise in cases again.

In Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, the cases have been continuously declining for the past few days. Its impact can be felt in Madhya Pradesh now.

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