Black fungus (Representative Photo)
Black fungus (Representative Photo)

BHOPAL: Re-occurrence of black fungus cases is on rise in Madhya Pradesh. Around 10 per cent patients recovered from Mucormycosis, colloquially known as black fungus,in the state have again developed the infection.

Doctors have blamed the misconception about the side effects of plain amphotericinñused to treat black fungus-being spread on social media for the re-occurrence of infection in the state. Fear of the rumoured side effect made recovered patients discard amphotericin, and they have started demanding liposomal injection, said doctors.

Worried medical experts also said that irregularity in medicine and injection supply also led to the reoccurrence of the medicine.

Dr SP Dubey, ENT and member of state task force committee, said that Black fungus cases are resurfacing even post surgery and doses of injection. "The cases of re-occurrence of black fungus are on rise in the state. It is due to the negligence of the patient as they are required to remain in touch with the attending doctors for three months and even post surgery. However, once the patient is discharged, he loses touch with the doctors," Dubey said.

Every five days, nasal passages should be cleaned but as patients do not see their doctors, black fungus develops again, said the ENT specialist.

Besides, irregular supply of medicines and injections in hospitals is also responsible for resurfacing of black fungus, he added. Injections are not available in hospitals, even in AIIMS, the situation is pathetic, he added.

Patients not completing medicine course: Dr Dave

Dr Lokendra Dave, Medical Superintendent of Hamidia Hospital said that misconception about amophtericin injection has left an adverse effect on the minds of people and thus many recovered patients have not completed their medicine dose course and this is the main reason for the reoccurrence of the infection.

Patients started discarding amphotericin and asked for liposomal and thus their full medicine dose course was disturbed, said Dave. Initially, patients were given proper full doses of injection but later on, misconception in the mind of patients, made the situation pathetic in hospitals. Currently, the state reported 10 per cent cases of reinfection in MP but the figure is on rise.

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