Bhopal: BJP, Congress call number of each other's followers fake on social media

BHOPAL: The BJP and the Congress have locked horns on social media over the number of their followers.

BJPís state unit secretary Rahul Kothari and head of the partyís IT Cell Shivraj Singh Dabi have alleged that the 48% of the number followers shown by the Congress is bogus.

In reply to the BJPís allegation, the Congress said the number of followers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh shown by the BJP are false.

The BJP said that the most of the Congress followers never tweeted. Thousands of accounts have hardly any followers. The Congress has, however, claimed that the number of its followers had increased to 600,000 in 15 months. The BJP said the number of followers of the President of the USA had not increased as much as the Congress claimed to have in 15 months. The BJP said that it had detected the fake number of members with the help of a device.

The debate started after both the parties had claimed that each had more than 200,000 followers.

Now that the Partyís state unit in charge Muralidhar Rao took the BJP IT cell to task for not becoming active on social media, it has begun to give justification in its favour.

Congress further said that 65% of the number of followers of the Prime Minister as shown by the BJP is false.

According to the Congress, 42% of the number of followers shown by the BJP is forged in the state.

In charge of the Congressís social media cell Abhay Tiwari said that the BJP does not know the difference between fake followers and inactive followers.

Congressís tweet score is 86; whereas the BJPís is 62. The declining number of followers shows the partyís popularity is at low ebb.

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