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Learn the art of liberating hijacked brains, and boost your inner peace and happiness with Advait Yoga

Here is a type of yoga that can set you free from mental blocks and everyday emotional baggage

If you are planning to live this life, then why not live the best version of yourself! Advait Yogbhushan has made it really easy by uniting the philosophy of yoga and vedanta (aastik and nastik) and by unifying Buddha and doctors (ancient and modern sciences). Advait Yoga leads a person from botheration to liberation or in a layman’s term – movement to stillness. It projects the philosophy of duality and non-duality as one.

Advait Yoga reminds us that homo sapiens are the best creation of this cosmos, therefore, they should not live an unsatisfied life. To enhance the quality of their life, they need to incorporate Advait Yog, a midway path, in their present Kalayuga lifestyle.

With the help of Advait Yoga, one can liberate his brain from the cage of preconceived notions, perceptions, emotional baggage, mental blockages etc. For example, to understand the brain pathways, an MRI scan is usually done to study the grey matter.

When the scan showcases a spike in the grey matter it shows a dull and stressful life, whereas a decrease in the grey matter is a sign of a healthy, stress-free and a happy life. Now, sometimes people feel caged even around their loved ones, family members, partners, friends or colleagues in their profession. Such people don’t feel liberated and undergo stress and depression in their lives, which is why their creativity gets suppressed while the grey matter keeps on increasing.

Advait Yoga helps such people in freeing the hijacked amygdala, which is a cluster of almond shaped cells present in both the hemispheres of the brain and is responsible for balancing the emotional statistics in human beings, with simple techniques. These techniques are devised with the combination of yoga and vedanta.

With the unification of these two elements, the wisdom and benefits of both modern science as well as ancient science are implemented in absolving the trapped souls. For example: The traditional sacred science of Advait Yoga along with modern scientific techniques help in gauging and treating the emotional wellbeing of a person.

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan

As a result, one can enhance his/ her creativity, keep emotions in a well-balanced state, take finest unclouded significant decisions and be at the topmost phase of a successful and a happy life. In such a scenario, a person rarely experiences any negative thoughts in his mind. To clear the air, the negative thoughts are generated from the parasites, which are borne in the gut, causing an ill digestive system by the consumption of unhealthy food. Hence, the satvik diet, one of the practises plays an important role in Advait Yoga.

To bring forth the statistics of the rates of trending nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are increasing in India as our lifestyle becomes worse and worse. Furthermore, MND’s (Motor neuron disease) will also increase. Motor neurons are usually connected at the spine and take signals to the various parts of the body.

Now, the symptoms of MND are not the same for everyone – every patient’s axons (smallest unit of the nervous system) reacts in a different way. As the amygdala in the hindbrain is hijacked, more and more people will become victims of MND’s. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the spinal cord and the motor nerves attached to it.

Now, how does Advait Yoga usually function in liberating one? The modern science has been researching on this emotional hijacking of the amygdala from years now. But the Advait Yoga is here to provide the people with a very basic solution, which is the elongation of the spine. This is achieved by extending the vertebral column, which protects the spine, to an extent that the widely promoted natural S-shaped curve of the vertebrae is further lengthened to be straightened. This lengthening of the spinal cord will evade the pressing of the intimately placed motor nerves providing a healthy functioning of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS).

Another practise of Advait Yoga is to teach how to bend rightly. People usually forward bend or backbend from their lumbar region (lower back) which is highly injurious to the spinal health, alignment of the legs, pelvic, reproductive organs, etc. Advait Yoga has devised path-breaking techniques, which not only relax the anterior side of the spinal canal where the motor nerves are situated, rather it also provides their extensions.

Such neural extensions at this significant region brings extreme relaxation and a pure state of bliss in the person. It supports finer functioning of the motor nerves for the flawless manipulation of the brain cortex cells and thus supports in abstaining the hijacked amygdala. The core of the Advait Yoga is to keep “the inversely sleeping God” healthy and extended. Advait Yoga is seen as a midway path in unifying vedanta and yoga.

Advait Yoga provides stillness to the body by bundles of practices that support extensions in the vertebral column. Thus, Advait Yoga brings one closer to stillness faster through specific diet, better physiology and bespoke meditation techniques. This way, the amygdala can be brought back to its normal state, and people can experience happiness in small things as well.

(The author is a Founder of Himalayan Yogi Institutes, Sacred Science Teacher)


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Published on: Sunday, October 24, 2021, 08:33 AM IST