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From uncontrollable diarrhoea to hospital visits while you're dressed up for a wedding - over the last few weeks the good people of Pune have come up with some very strange excuses as they to justify their presence on the streets amid COVID-19 induced restrictions. And while social media finds it hilarious, we're not sure whether to cackle with glee over their idiocy or lament the lows we as a species appear to have fallen to.

In two videos shared recently, Pune Police officials have called out some of those flouting the lockdown, uncaring of the threat they pose to themselves or others. Over the last few weeks, as cases in Maharashtra rose to astronomical heights, restrictions have been placed on non-essential travel. That however has not stopped people.

Over the last few days, the Pune Police have put together two compilation videos where police officials can be seen sharing some of the most ridiculous excuses they have heard in recent days. "Sir let me go for now, I've got loose motions. Whatever it is, will sort later," one officer recalled hearing from a commuter.

"I'm going to the hospital — but he's dressed up for a wedding," remarked another. Another recalled the time when a commuter had claimed that he had a stomach ache, and then proceeded to prove his point with an X-ray of his arm.

Since then, then there has been an outpouring of support for the somewhat painful and uphill task officials face as they try to keep people safe from themselves. There have been two clips shared thus far, but officials say that the material for such videos is unending. "The number of new and innovative reasons the city is coming up with, this series could be unending like their excuses!" Pune Police told a user recently.

Others too have since taken to social media platforms sharing other excuses that they have come across. Going by Twitter posts however, it is not just the Pune that are the recipient of bizarre excuses amid the lockdown.

"Can you believe this! Someone turns up 30 min late for a 30 min appointment. Excuse - traffic! Pune is in lockdown. There are barely 5% vehicles on road," tweeted an irate user last week.

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