Chocolate frog aka Mira
Chocolate frog aka Mira
Photo: Australian Journal of Zoology

All the Harry Potter fans, here's an interesting piece of news for you. A team of scientists from Australia has discovered a new species of frogs called "chocolate frogs" in the lowlands rainforest of New Guinea.

However, they do differ a little from the ones seen in the Harry Potter movies. Known as 'tree frogs', these frogs have been named "chocolate frogs" due to their brown coloured skin, according to a CNN report.

The findings of the discovery and research have now been published in the Australian Journal of Zoology.

"The closest known relative of Litoria Mira is the Australian green tree frog. The two species look similar except one is usually green, while the new species usually has a lovely chocolate colouring," said Paul Oliver, co-author of the study, who works for the Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security and Queensland Museum.

Oliver also said that the frog has been named 'Mira' by his team. It means surprised or strange in Latin.

“We named this new Litoria frog species Mira, which means surprised or strange in Latin because it was a surprising discovery to find an over-looked relative of Austalia’s well-known and common green tree living in the lowland rainforests of New Guinea,” he added.

The species have only recently been discovered since they don't travel.

"Because the frog lives in very hot, swampy areas with lots of crocodiles, all these things discourage exploration," co-author Steve Richards from the South Australian Museum Richards said.

As soon as the news spread on Twitter, Harry Potter fans came together and they had some hilarious reactions.

Here are some of them.

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