'Next thing we know, there will be pineapples': Netizens horrified as Twitter user makes 'strawberry biryani'

There are some food items that simply do not belong together - be it ketchup-flavoured ice cream or peeled chicken nuggets. Now, we have yet another combination to add to the list. A Twitter user's post about making 'Strawbiryani' recently went viral for all the wrong reasons, with horrified netizens reacting sharply.

In case there way doubt, "strawbiryani" is an amalgamation of strawberry and biryani. And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. A Twitter user going by the name 'Saad' had on Friday posted a food photo that has since garnered thousands of likes comments and shares. It it, a container full of biryani can be seen topped with a few strawberries.

"We made “Strawbiryani” at home today and I am curious to know what desi Twitter has to say about it," the user captioned the image. And while it is unclear whether this is a good thing, Twitter certainly had a lot to say.

Some however were skeptical about the recipe itself, calling it a "staged strawbiryani". They contended that the poster had simply placed a few strawberries on top of regular biryani and was attempting to grab eyeballs. Others however, to put it gently, disgusted.

"Why stop there? Add egg, pineapple, apples and cherries too!" jibed one user.

"Put some ketchup on it, freeze in the freezer and then smash it on your head," suggested one particularly passive aggressive comment.

"There is a special place in heII for disrespecting Biriyani," warned a third.

Interestingly, there is a parallel conversation that seems to be taking place here, about another ingredient that many find abhorrent. Having made their mark on pizzas, pineapples became another topic of discussion for those debating the biryani.

"I approve. Strawberry in biryani is better than Pineapple on Pizza," wrote one user. "We add pineapple in Trivandrum," another user said.

There were also a select few who insisted that pineapple with biryani was acceptable, even though pineapple on pizza was not.

We beg to differ.

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