Photo: AFP/Meena Harris -Twitter
Photo: AFP/Meena Harris -Twitter

It is safe to say that most people on Twitter were not ready to see Kamala Harris sitting atride a lion with Joe Biden's face as she vanquishes an irate looking Donald Trump. And to bring this bizare turn of events to a conclusion, most were not happy about it. The backlash eventually compelled Meena to delete the tweet.

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris has been in the news for many a reason over the last few days. And even as many debated the pronunciation of her name, others made an unfortunate attempt to deify her, triggering a social media maelstrom. Meena Harris, Kamala's niece had taken to Twitter on October 17 stating that the "first day of Navaratri was LIT".

Navratri 2020: Meena Harris slammed for tweeting Ma Durga's face with Kamala

Now, while one can agree or disagree with her assessment, what most on social media were not happy about was her use of a morphed image of Goddess Durga. Soon Twitter users were criticising her for hurting religious sentiments and alleging cultural appropriation.

"Minutes after Hindus outrage about Meena Harris & her aunt Kamala Harris tweeting an incredibly insulting & derogatory representation of Hindu Goddess Devi Durga, comments not loading on offensive tweet. Save screenshots before they take it down," tweeted one user.

"Why don't Meena Harris and likes of her just stop showing their ignorance blatantly and mind their own rotten business," read another tweet. And if Meena had been at a loss for words, Twitter users went above and beyond to pick up the slack, putting out a barrage of furious tweets in response.

Some have gone a step further, praying to Goddess Durga for aid in defeating the Democratic candidates.

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