Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling

Twitter is no stranger to food wars and posts where people proudly display bizarre creations that make others cringe in horror. From ketchup-flavoured ice cream and peeled chicken nuggets to biryani with strawberries tossed in - there are some food items that simply do not belong together.

But to quote an infrequently used phrase, one man's meat is another (man)'s poison. And so, when writer and activist Meena Harris cooked up some South Indian food, Twitter was both sympathetic and horrified in equal measures.

"South Indians are going to come for me hard on this but I need to confess somewhere that I just made rice and yogurt and lime pickle with cauliflower rice," US Vice President Kamala Harris' niece revealed in a tweet. "No I am not okay!" she added in a follow-up post.

Unfortunately, she was right. Cauliflower rice (and the pickle) were not food items that many on Twitter approved of. "I love cauliflower, but cauliflower rice is a no no," said one user firmly.

"This tweet was like taking a bullet," said another, even as a third user took solace in the fact that Harris at least "knew she was wrong".

And while some were curious rather than antagonistic, fellow Indian-origin American, Mindy Kaling appeared to know exactly where Harris was coming from. "I said I like raisins in my samosas the pain that rained down on me," she responded to the tweet, prompting a parallel debate about raisins in samosas.

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