Hindu Upper Caste... Golden Retriever? K3G style aarti for dog sparks allegations of ‘Brahminism’

Brahminism it would appear is the new smoking, at least according to the Buzzfeed-Marxist historians (a delightful term coined by author Arnab Ray) who have taken over our timelines. It’s not rare to see Brahminical-hetero-capitalist-patriarchal structure being blamed for everything and it’s strange that it hasn’t been blamed for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

That’s the only one missing from the list of fraudulent claims made so far. So, when a video went viral on social media of a dog who was getting the Jaya Bachchan aarti treatment, social media went bonkers.

The video shows a girl holding a puppy in her hand while another girl enters the frame with an aarti ki thali. To the dog’s credit, he/she looks super non-plussed with the entire treatment. The video is captioned: “My new favorite thing is desi families welcoming their new puppies with traditional ceremonies.”

While caste is certainly a problem that hasn’t gone away it’s perhaps a bit preposterous believe than anyone doing aarti is promoting Brahminical superiority.

This isn’t the first time the West has tangled with Brahminism. Jack Dorsey came in for criticism after he held a sign called smash Brahmanical patriarchy which many felt was a criticism of one particular group. This is not to suggest that caste is a mythological bird. Caste very much exists but the idea that aarti is Brahmanical ritual is kind of preposterous.

Manish Tewari, the Congress MP, even went on to call Brahmins the new Jews before retracting the tweet.

The self-flagellation usually comes from Hindus or Brahmins and is reminiscent of white people feeling the constantly need to apologise which he called a self-loathing among white liberals.

Maher had said: “Joking, “You know what might be the worst part of white shame? You bore the f*ck out of black people at parties.” Perhaps, Hindus also need a similar diatribe.

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