New Delhi: More reforms need to be taken by the next government on the implementation front to ensure job creation, said former RBI Governor Bimal Jalan. The government, Jalan said, should also take up administrative reforms that are complicated but essential for the implementation of government policies.

“By and large, in terms of economic reforms, number of steps have been taken (by the Modi government). …everybody agrees that job creation is relatively low. The question is why, it could be partly because of slow implementation of economic reforms.”

While the votes would be counted on May 23, most exit polls predicted a return of the Modi government with some of them giving the BJP-led ruling NDA well above 300 seats out of the 542 on which polls were held. Over 8,000 candidates were in the fray.

On asked what economic reforms need to be taken by the next government, Jalan said the next government should implement policies that are already announced. “So, the role of the central government in the policy making is important but in the implementation, the state governments should be given more power,” Jalan said.