Ujjain: ‘Samvatsar, 2078 has been rightly named as Anand’

Ujjain: The Ujjaini Vidvat Parishad has declared that based-on astrological Samvatsar, 2078 has been rightly christened as Anand.

A controversy has erupted over the naming of Hindu calendar year Samvatsar, 2078 and experts from across India are yet to arrive at a conclusion.

Ujjaini Vidvat Parishad Parishad’s head Dr Mohan Gupt said that our rishis have devised naming of Samvatsar by keeping in view the season cycle.

They also experienced that Jupiter’s value would be better than solar or lunar value. If Jupiter is considered clear, many anomalies arise, because with a clear value Jupiter also touches two or three zodiac signs in a year. That is why he gave the arrangement that Jupiter should be considered medium for this purpose.

He said, Jupiter transited to Capricorn on November 20, 2020. That is why from Madhyaman (mid-value) to November 21, it will be considered as Capricorn. What happened to Aquarius, meanwhile, is due to trespass. Jupiter will return to Capricorn after September 14, so it cannot be said that Jupiter of Capricorn zodiac has disappeared. He asserted that, according to madhyaman, Capricorn has Jupiter at the beginning of the year, it is also accepted by the other sides. That is why it is correct to name the current 2078 Samvatsar- as Anand.

In November 2021, when Jupiter will enter Aquarius zodiac, the name of the Samvatsar will be Rakshasa. The name of the present Samvatsar is Anand.

That is why the Kashi Vidvat Parishad, which includes the current and former astrology head of Banaras Hindu University, has justified the naming of Samvatsar-2078 as Anand, Dr Gupt added.

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