Budget 2021: Ship Recycling capacity to double by 2024, generate 1.5 lakh jobs, says FM Nirmala Sitharaman
Budget 2021: Ship Recycling capacity to double by 2024, generate 1.5 lakh jobs, says FM Nirmala Sitharaman
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Ujjain: People of the Mahakal City gave mixed response on General Budget 2021-22 during their interaction with Free Press. While they welcomed the provisions in the defence, health and infrastructure they were dismayed with the inflation, status quo on direct taxes and lack of relief to the people belonging to salaried class.


“The budget has lived up to the expectations of the industry. The attitude of the government is very generous with the expenditure to reanimate the market. It is the harbinger of financial growth after the tough times of corona.”—RAMESH SABOO, INDUSTRIALIST

“The exemption of senior citizens above 75 years from filing ITR is a judicious move. However, inflation still continues to plague the working classes and no major change in the tax slab was made. There is no relief for the salaried class people. But, a significant increase made in the defence budget is very crucial for national security.”—DR VIRENDRA CHAWRE, PROFESSOR, POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, VIKRAM UNIVERSITY

“The prominence given to healthcare in this budget is overwhelming. The government has launched the PM Swasth Bharat Scheme, which will boost the functioning of healthcare systems in the country. The government made a generous budgetary provision for Covid-19 vaccines by investing over Rs 35,000 crore.”—DR SHELLY KHARE, GYNAECOLOGIST

“The budget is better than expectations for traders and businessmen. No extra or unreasonable tax is imposed upon commodities, which is surely a relief. The budget prominently focuses on development and all the policies seem to be expansionary. The fiscal plan bears no further burden upon an already struggling economy, rather it is aimed towards its revival.”—AKSHAT BAIRATHI, STUDENT/ EQUITY ANALYST

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