Guiding Light: The subtle art of living beyond your needs

For as long as we can remember we have been attuned to a certain way of living. As a collective, we follow a set pattern of lifestyle. In childhood, we started by waking up in the morning, getting ready and heading out to school. Once we returned home, it was playtime; dinner, and we're off to bed. Similarly, as we grow older, in our adulthood too we follow a similar pattern of waking up, heading out to work, returning, relaxing with the family for some time, having our dinner before we retire for the night.

As long as we continue to follow this set routine without questioning it, we will remain in the same loop for this entire lifetime. It is our purpose and duty share to find out what lies beyond the regular way of life.

The answers that we can get by asking these questions will help us to understand the journey that we are on as a human being and this existence. As we remain in this monotonous cycle of living to survive we forget to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. When we were young we had much wonderment for the natural environment but as we grow older we forget to look around us. Instead of marvelling at the miracles that greet us every day in this beautiful world, we tend to forget this fact because of the routine that we have stuck ourselves into.

The practice of yoga with its techniques of meditation, pranayama, asanas will help us to get out of this mundane rut. To help us achieve this we can practice the meditation technique known as Spandan Kriya also called third eye meditation. Meditation techniques like Brahma Jyoti Dhyan also open our eyes to the wonders of existence and help us to move beyond the monotonous way of living.

(The author is a spiritual yogic master. Founder, chairman and course director of Akshar Yoga, and president of the World Yoga Organisation)

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