Guiding Light by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: God Loves You

If you take a look at your own life; let us say you were to live for 60 or 75 years – how do we spend these years? Suppose we spend two hours every day bathing, using the washroom– then out of seventy years you spend 7 years in the bathroom. In the same way, 7 years are spent eating and drinking. And we spend half the time sleeping - that is 25 to 30 years. So what is left? If you actually calculate, you will see that in life we hardly spend 3 to 4 years being happy, joyful, laughing and playing freely. So we truly live life only for these 3 years. Rest of the time we just keep preparing to live life. It is like we kept making the bed all through the night, spreading the bed sheet and the blanket – by then it was morning; there was no time left to sleep. The whole life was spent earning money for the coming four generations, and there was neither happiness nor any joy, nor any connection with God. Is this life?

How much fulfillment we have achieved in life, is what we need to think about. We should trust this fact that we are very dear to God. That is it! The work is done! Just like a child will never wonder whether mother has made food at home or not. It is enough that mother is at home. Have this kind of confidence that God is my very own, and He loves me, and He will shower everything on me. He has created this whole world for me. When will you express this feeling? After ten years of sadhana? At the end of life? Do it from this very moment! What do you need to do to attain this? Go to the Ganges? No! Think of how much time it takes to make someone your brother-in-law/sister-in-law? You just get a card printed, and a wedding of your brother /sister happens, and a brother-in-law/sister-in-law comes into the family. How long does it take to form a connection with someone? It just happens. A connection is not time-dependent.

If we establish a connection with the Divine in our heart, just wait and see what miracles will begin to unfold in life.

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