Coronavirus and astrology: Understanding the effects end and effective measures

The coronavirus that emerged from the city of Wuhan in China is at the peak of discussion worldwide and has taken the form of an epidemic. Millions of people have been affected by this virus. The epidemic that started as the corona virus continues to grow. Many cases of this have started coming up in India too, but the only question in the mind of the people is when will the relief from this virus be released. From the astrological point of view, the arrival of corona virus and taking the form of epidemic in this time is not a mere coincidence but it has very special astrological reasons and current planetary conditions behind it. This is why the coronavirus is spreading globally as an epidemic.

In astrology, both Rahu and Ketu have been considered to be the planet of all diseases and hidden diseases caused by infection (bacteria, virus) infection. Jupiter is the causal planet of life and life which represents all of us, so whenever there is a combination of Jupiter and Rahu or Jupiter and Ketu, then at such a time, infectious diseases and diseases spread which are very difficult to identify or resolve. But it is also special that the solution of diseases caused by Rahu is easily found, but Ketu is a mysterious planet even so when considered the sum of Jupiter and Ketu mystery such as cropping infectious disease whose solution is happening is not easy to find and so in case of corona virus at this time.

Ketu has been in Sagittarius since March 2019, but Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius on November 4, 2019 also led to the formation of Jupiter and Ketu, which causes mysterious infectious diseases. After the introduction of Jupiter and Ketu on November 4, the first case of corona virus was reported in China in the month of November itself. That is, Corona virus became active only after Jupiter-Ketu formed in November. This was followed by another negative planetary state, a solar eclipse on December 26 that turned the corona virus into an epidemic. The solar eclipse on December 26 was not common because on this day of solar eclipse, the six eclipses (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu) coming together were becoming retrograde, due to which the negative effect of the eclipse was greatly intensified. Its impact in India was reflected in the violence in the CAA and NRC protests. At the same time, cases of corona virus also increased. Overall, the corona virus was revealed when Ketu-Jupiter formed in November and after the solar eclipse on December 26, it became a major epidemic.

Corona Virus Relief

Due to the conjuction of Jupiter-Ketu, which started in November and the solar eclipse in December, the corona virus has been spreading rapidly for the last four months and scientists and doctors also do not see any concrete solution for this. If we look at the astrologers, Jupiter will enter Capricorn on March 29, which will end the Jupiter-Ketu movement for the last four months. In such a situation, from March 29, the corona virus attack will begin to get relief and the effect of its infection will start to reduce. On April 14, the Sun will enter Aries, after which scientists will find an antidote of the corona virus. In this situation, the impact of the epidemic is expected to subside within a month and a half after March 29.

According to astrology, whenever Sun, Moon and Jupiter are in weak state, whenever there is loss of religion, the state of holocaust arises. From the point of view of astrology, crises like the corona virus arise when the satvic forces of nature, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are transiting in a weak state.

According to the transit going on at present, the time till April 13 is more cautious for the world. After that, the Sun will improve the situation considerably for two weeks. Rahu's transit is moving in Gemini and Ardra constellation. Gemini is the air element and Ardra also means moisture. Rahu is a virus and it spreads very rapidly in air and moisture. Hence Rahu is also considered to be the most powerful in Gemini and Ardra constellation.

It will have more effect in the middle of the constellation of Ardra and its effect will also be reduced at the end of the constellation. Its effect will begin to subside from April 15. And will also be finished by 15 May. Because during this period the Sun will be strong and Rahu will be weak.

If you want to avoid corona, then do these tantric astrological Vedic remedies and become healthy powerful.

1. Recite Ashwini Nakshatra Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Surya Mantra

2. In the havan, use cow dung cakes made of camphor, cloves and cow dung and purify this

fire by taking it to every place of the house.

3. Worship Lord Kartikeya, perform Rudrabhishek

4. Worship the deity

5. Eat cloves and apply its oil

6. Donate neem oil and mustard oil

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