Corruption has become part of government system, admits Maharashtra DGP Hemant Nagrale

The Acting Director General of Police of Maharashtra Hemant Nagrale, on Thursday, made a stunning revelation that corruption cannot be fully weeded out, as it has become a part of the government system.

Nagrale, who was at Nagpur, said, “Corruption has become a part of the government system. We do not support corruption, but corruption has become a part of the system today. Therefore, it has become very difficult to eradicate it from the government system.” “We can only keep officials away from corrupt practices by increasing prevention measures,” he said.

Corruption cannot be 100 per cent eradicated from the government system. “That is why the law that has been enacted says that it is to prevent corruption, but the same law does not say eradicate corruption,” he noted. Nagrale said corruption is not just in the police or the revenue department, but it is prevalent in all the departments. He viewed that the number of corruption cases were more prevalent in the police or revenue department because of the high number of employees.

However, corruption can be definitely reduced if the senior officers of the department keep an eye on the work of the junior officers and staff and the investigations they have done. Nagrale’s comment is crucial as the report released last year for the year 2019 by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) said the police department has the most corruption complaints against it amongst the 44 state government departments.

The revenue department was the second in ACB’s bribery list. The bribery complaints against the department were the second highest since 2014. In 2019, ACB had registered in all 892 corruption-related cases in which 1,241 persons were arrested.

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