Sharad Pawar
Sharad Pawar
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NCP Chief Sharad Pawar in his Facebook address said the situation in Maharashtra is grim and urged all stakeholders to cooperate by realising the seriousness of the situation. “The situation in Maharashtra is grim. I appeal to all stakeholders to cooperate by realising the seriousness of the situation. To protect the lives of citizens, some stringent measures are required,” he added. His appeal came in the wake of protests from traders and small businessmen against restrictions imposed by the state government.

On the shortage of vaccine in the state, Pawar said he on Wednesday spoke to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan who has assured to support Maharashtra and other States to tackle the situation. “The Centre is also helping. I spoke to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan yesterday regarding the situation in Maharashtra. The Centre will stand by the Maharashtra government and all other states to tackle the situation,’’ he noted.

Pawar’s talk with Dr Harsh Vardhan is important as the latter criticised the Maharashtra Government and some other states accusing them of trying to cover their “failures” in containing the pandemic by making “deplorable” attempts through “irresponsible” statements to distract attention and spreading panic among people.

Pawar, who is recovering from a surgery for the removal of a gallbladder stone, said the doctors, nurses, health workers have been slogging day and night to control the virus spread. ‘’ In order to break the virus chain, the state government has imposed strict restrictions. The Centre was also insisting for the same,’’ he noted.

‘’I appeal to all political leaders, the media and those working in the public sector to cooperate with the state government in its efforts to tackle the present situation,’’ said Pawar.

‘’There is no doubt in my mind that the common man in Maharashtra and all the elements will support the administration to deal with the present crisis with confidence leaving everything aside. Through these community efforts, we will definitely overcome the coronavirus pandemic and save the citizens from this crisis,’’ viewed Pawar.

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