Maharashtra: CBSE Class 10 results likely to be announced in first week of July

Mumbai: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10 results are likely to be declared in the first week of July, according to sources from the CBSE. Schools affiliated to CBSE said they are still in the process of tabulating marks of Class 10 students and submitting final scores to the Board.

Initially, on May 1, 2021, when the CBSE released the policy for tabulation of marks for Class 10 students, the Board had said that the results of Class 10 students will be declared on June 20, 2021. Affiliated schools were informed to submit scores out of 80 marks by June 5 and submit internal assessment scores out of 20 marks per subject by June 11, 2021, to the CBSE.

But recently, the CBSE extended the deadline up to June 30 for schools to tabulate Class 10 marks and submit them to the Board. A senior official of CBSE said, "Following the submission of final scores by affiliated schools, results of CBSE Class 10 will be announced most probably in the first week of July."

Schools said they are in the process of tabulating marks and submitting the final scores to the board. The principal of a South Mumbai school said, "We are still calculating the final scores and tabulating the marks. The process is taking longer to be completed as there were lockdown restrictions in May on account of Covid-19."

Results of CBSE Class 10 will be announced in a staggered manner, said the principal of a CBSE school at Navi Mumbai. The principal said, "In the webinar conducted by officials of CBSE, it has been clearly stated that the results of Class 10 students will be declared in a staggered manner. Results will not be declared at one go but, it will be announced as schools complete the tabulation of scores and submission of final marks because the Covid-19 situation is different in every city, district and state of India."

This year, CBSE Class 10 examinations were cancelled due to Covid-19 situation. CBSE released a marking policy wherein Class 10 students will be assessed out of maximum of 100 marks for each subject, with 20 marks for internal assessment and 80 marks which were allotted for year-end board exams. The 80 marks will comprise of 40 marks for pre-board examinations conducted by the school, 30 marks for half yearly or mid-term examinations and 10 marks for periodic tests or unit tests conducted by the school in the academic year.

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