'Is he a frontline worker?’: Devendra Fadnavis’ nephew Tanmay trolled for bragging about vaccination
'Is he a frontline worker?’: Devendra Fadnavis’ nephew Tanmay trolled for bragging about vaccination

Mumbai: Hours before the Centre announced that those 18 and above were eligible to receive Covid vaccination from May 1, Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Devendra Fadnavis's nephew Tanmay announced that he was the proud recipient of the requisite two doses of Covid vaccine although he wasn't yet eligible for it, claimed Youth Congress leader Srivatsa on Monday. Tanmay stirred up controversy after he uploaded a post-jab photo. But a few minutes later, on being trolled, he deleted the tweet.

Many on social media wondered whether Tanmay Fadnavis was a frontline worker to have received his shots before most people of his age. However, Srivatsa has claimed that he is an actor.

“Dear @Dev_Fadnavis, is your Nephew Tanmay Fadnavis 45+ years old? If not, how is he eligible for taking the Vaccine? Just like Remdesivir, are you hoarding Vaccines & giving it to your family members? People are dying. There is Vaccine Shortage. But Fadnavis family is Safe,” the former Karnataka Congress Social Media Head tweeted.

He further said, Tanmay Fadnavis had ‘committed a crime’ and ‘must be immediately arrested’. He requested Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to arrest him and ‘set an example’.

“Modiji, under what law are the families of BJP leaders getting vaccines when they are still below 45 years of age?” Srivatsa asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Srivatsa claimed that Tanmay had deleted his vaccination picture ‘but there is ample proof’.

Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee spokesman Sachin Sawant also slammed Fadnavis’s nephew. In a satirical vein, Sawant announced, “Badab Bamulayaja Hoshiar Shehenshah e Hind Alampanah Narendra Modi’s protégé Devendra Fadnavis’s nephew Nawabzade Tanmay Fadnavis is arriving to take the vaccine. Do not ask him his age. He is not 45 but he is a Fadnavis.”

Another user said, “Many youngsters lost their lives just because some people claimed that Covid does not affect certain age groups severely. And look here.” “Why no action? Its fraud for vaccine,” declared yet another.

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