Rajesh Tope
Rajesh Tope
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Amidst the rise in COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra, Minister of Public Health Rajesh Tope urged people not to break relationships. “Don't be afraid of the virus and don't have the mentality of throwing anyone in the sand,’’ he said. The health minister appealed to the people to take necessary precautions and not let love and affection in the relationship diminish.

Tope said that people make a lot of mistakes out of fear. “There is no need to panic if someone has a coronary heart disease. I will give an example of an incident that took place in Panvel, where the mother was asymptomatic and she recovered. However, her son was afraid to take her home after she combated the virus successfully. The son had a doubt that other members of the family could get infected if he took his mother home. Such fear is unwarranted,’’ he noted. He reiterated that the coronavirus pandemic can be fought with proper medication and everybody should focus on maintaining relationships while fighting the virus.

The minister said, at least, 5,000 corona-free patients were over the age of 80 who have been discharged. About 600 people over the age of 90 have been cured. “So deal with COVID-19 with caution and caution without fear,’’ he viewed.

According to the minister, the patients with coronary heart disease can recover from COVID-19 in 10 to 12 days. “We need to learn not to get infected. The important principle of living with the virus right now is to keep working with care,’’ he opined.

Tope said that the state government has further increased the testing facilities.

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