Numerology predictions for 2023: Calculate your personal year number to see what the year ahead has in store for you

Wondering what the year head looks like for you? Here are predictions for the year 2023 based on numerology 

Gita HarianiUpdated: Sunday, January 01, 2023, 12:17 PM IST

2023 is a 7 universal year!

(2+0+2+3 = 7)

Global theme: Inner Growth, Reset, Rejuvenation

In numerology, universal years range from 1 to 9. The year 2023, a 7 universal year, is about accepting self-responsibility. A reset year with a need to grow inwards with quiet contemplation, perhaps even isolation. Only in silence can we hear our hearts and soul speak. Your inner voice will guide you. You will be a seeker, a Hermit going deeper, beyond the obvious to peel layers of trying to fit in with the world’s tunes. Finally, understanding your own growth requirements. The world will heal and help through meditation, spiritual practices, legal aids, finance and commerce. Science, research, and technology will have major breakthroughs. A solid year based on hard facts. 

Gains will be through clarity and razor-sharp focus on the DOs, DON’Ts and WHYs in life. Focus on the important and weed out the rest. Getting to the depth of things will be crucial. Answers will be sought. Play your strengths, and let go of your weaknesses. Relationships will strengthen or exit by giving others space/ time to develop. Start 2023 mindfully and rise to your highest potential.

Calculating personal year number for 2023 

Our personal year (PY) number explains the theme of our individual lives in 2023. Our personal year number is a part of the larger universal year number, which is 7 for 2023.

Calculation example: Birth date + Birth Month + Universal Year = Personal Year, if your birth date is May 3:  

3 +5 (May) +7 (2023) = 15 = 6, hence a 6 is the personal year for you in 2023. 

In numerology, double digit numbers are added and reduced to a single digit between 1 and 9, except for 11 and 22, which are retained, as they are Master Energy numbers.

PY 1: New beginnings, initiative, new goals/ ideas

You are starting a new nine-year cycle with 2023 being your Year One. You are the most important protagonist in your life. New beginnings and directions will crop up in some areas of your life. The year 2023 is great to bring clarity and focus on what you want to accomplish in your new cycle. Initiate new ideas, and realise your dreams and ambitions. Rest and quiet contemplation are required so you don’t burn out. Move forward with a new determined, YOU! 

PY 2: Cooperation, partnerships, patience

After being the centre of your attention last year, In PY 2, you build and strengthen bonds, partnerships/relationships- business and personal that need attention. Prioritize quality and commitment, Patience and diplomacy. Carry your own weight and bear responsibilities well. Slow down, breathe, and receive. Music will be a balm to your soul. Love is in the air. A great time to meet someone new. Marriage/ relationships may be on the cards for those seeking it. 

PY 11: PY11 is like PY 2 but you will be extra sensitive with heightened intuition. Let your gut guide you! Embrace your inner physic! Tap into this master energy potential and realize your visions and dreams.

PY 3: Self- Expression, communication, Creativity

A year of self-exploration, Communication and Creativity. This year you will delve deep into your subconscious and express your deepest desires through interactions, travel and art. Switch on the Sunshine! Use your social connections, and social media to build your business, launch your website, write that book, act etc. Your Imagination is limitless.

PY4: Organisation, planning, details, focus 

Concentrate on work to realise your true potential. Manifest your goals, create stability, security and a rock-solid foundation. Don’t be too rigid and dogmatic. Efficiency is key. Shortcuts will backfire. Pay extra attention to details and planning. A great year to buy a home or office space. 

PY 22: This year is like PY 4 but on a larger scale. A master builder year. The world is your oyster. 

PY 5: Change, freedom, flexibility, opportunities, adventure 

Embrace change, shake things up... Get a new job, relationship, explore new ways of living, travel, and do things never done before. Free yourselves from your bondages. Flexibility and adaptability are key to achieving new heights and unexplored territory. Time for transformation and calculated risk-taking. Take care of your physical body. Many of you will seek freedom from conventions. 

PY 6: Family, harmony, society, nurturing, marriage, beauty

PY 6 is all about us and not just me. A year of harmony and balance. Care for loved ones/society will ensure lasting relationships. Do not over-compensate to maintain peace. Great year for marriage, children, pets and dependents. Strike a balance between your home and the outside world. All forms of beauty appeal. Enjoy your responsibilities, and heal yourself and others. Focus on financial wealth and overall well-being. 

PY 7: Rest, rejuvenation, alone time, spiritual discoveries 

Same as the UY 7, this is an internal year. You will look from the inside out. The year 2023 urges you to rest and rejuvenate your mind and body to reassess your internal, universal and spiritual beliefs. You will carefully analyse everything. Don’t be over-critical. Take your insights and inspirations and manifest them into real, tangible growth. Books, nature and mountains beckon. Be the bridge between your spiritual and material realms. 

PY 8: Manifestation, resources, leadership, goals, rewards

The dichotomy of an action personal year in a non-action universal year. Work hard to actualise only those goals/dreams that excite your soul. Showcase your leadership skills, build, create, and expand on the commercial realm. Growth will be personal and you will not conform to the world’s requirements. A mammoth change. In 2023 you will empower and influence people with your inner strength and resolve. 

PY 9: Culmination, completion, release, universal love

You have come a full circle. You are exactly where you are meant to be. A year of completion, climax and closure. Whatever needs to move ahead with you in your next cycle of nine years will be retained and people/ things who have completed their journey will move on from your life this year. Old patterns/behaviours may cease to exist. A year of wisdom, spirituality and universal consciousness. Know that every ending is a new beginning. 

(Gita Hariani is a numerologist, tarot card reader and Bach flowers practitioner. Follow her on Instagram: @evolvewithgitahariani) 

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