Fashion Forward: Elevate Your Style With Detachable Sleeves And Trendy Gloves

Fashion Forward: Elevate Your Style With Detachable Sleeves And Trendy Gloves

Sleeves can make or break an outfit. That’s what fashion experts claim

Pramita BoseUpdated: Sunday, June 02, 2024, 11:16 AM IST

Sleeves can make or break an outfit. That’s what fashion experts claim. Detachable sleeves, which could be attached or detached conveniently, are in huge demand among the millennials and the Gen-Z currently.

Oversized fringe sleeves, pillowy sleeve attachments, long bell-shaped sleeves, ruffled sleeves or puffed sleeves among other variants are part of the sleeve story that is dominating the narrative of couture culture.

Check the calendar of best-dressed women this season and you’ll know what we mean. From Asian beauties to foreign divas, many fashion influencers and screen stars rocked their red-carpet looks in detachable or bizarre-shaped sleeves. The Cannes film fest of 2024 is a case in point.

Bollywood siren and Cannes veteran Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looked absolutely stunning in a twin-toned blue and silver Falguni and Shane Peacock number played up by a pair of dramatic fringe sleeves. She was congeniality personified in a flaired gown. Her second look reached a crescendo in a monochrome gown with arresting golden accents and ruffled detachable sleeves.

Indian TV actress Deepti Sadhwani wooed the flashbulbs in a gold sequin gown, heavily adorned with embroidery and teamed with a matching plain long cape. She further elevated her Cannes red-carpet debut appearance with champagne-hued detachable sleeves coupled with a massive shawl-style collar tapering down to form a train.

Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha slayed her red-carpet look in a trench gown with detachable tan long sleeves, laden with silver buckles, while a tuft of pink pleated fabric stuck out of the cuffs to create a curling silhouette like a ripple effect.

Add to the above, the undying love for the ever-classic glove. Sleek black opera gloves, black evening gloves or opera-style fingerless gloves and the red hot mystical mittens are ruling the party circuit plus the red-carpet razzmatazz prior to any glitzy event.

Key Role

On quizzing if sleeves add substance to a given outfit, fashion designer Nikita Murarka Shah of Jigar & Nikita label explains that “sleeves are an understated component of a silhouette. They are often underestimated yet they possess a remarkable ability to elevate the overall appeal of one’s clothing. Whether it's the graceful flutter of bell sleeves, the structured sophistication of puffed sleeves or the timeless elegance of bishop sleeves, each style lends its own unique touch”.

According to designer Diksha Patel, the founder of MAY fashion label, sleeves definitely attach value to an outfit. “It’s the perfect detail to add to your simple silhouette and transform it into a head-turner. Avant-garde sleeve details to minimal soft frills, you cannot go wrong with a good sleeve moment,” she informs.

Attach & detach

Detachable sleeves are increasingly doing the rounds of fashion circles, emerging as a versatile popular trend that offers both style and functionality. “Rewearing and restyling are very much in vogue. Different ways to wear the same outfit is a hidden talent we all have. For instance, some bodysuits can be styled with or without a sleeve. Styling is a form of expression and every designer wants his/her customers to express their true self with enviable aplomb,” notes Patel.

“One of the primary advantages is their adaptability, allowing individuals to effortlessly transition their outfits. This flexibility enables fashion enthusiasts to customise their look attuned to their liking and the changing climes, making detachable sleeves a practical choice for every season,” avers Shah.

Innovative touch

Sleeves are being experimented with unique cuts, shapes and innovative styles nowadays. In the realm of fashion, sleeves are currently undergoing a captivating renaissance, marked by an era of experimentation.

“Designers with a yen for novelty are boldly exploring unconventional cutouts, intriguing shapes and groundbreaking styles, pushing the boundaries of traditional garment construction,” asserts Shah.

“The cut-out details in a bodysuit make it ideally sexy! While the surreal power of mesh and ribbed textures is reflected best in the most accentuating cuts,” reports Patel. From exaggerated bell sleeves that add an element of drama and flair to minimalist ensembles to those with avant-garde geometric shapes that redefine a silhouette, the spectrum of opportunities seems limitless in the ambit of sleeves.

Glued to gloves

There is a visible resurgence of glove love in parties and at social galas. Nodding to the trend, Shah states that “in recent social gatherings, there's been a noticeable revival of this handwear fascination in diverse forms and styles. Once regarded as a relic of formal attire, gloves are now experiencing a rebirth.”

From sleek satin gloves to delicate lace designs, attendees at parties are accepting this accessory with much gusto. Whether it’s the enchanting nostalgia or a desire to elevate their style, people are rediscovering the worth of gloves like never before.

“A pair of gloves has it all,” affirms Patel. “It feels good, looks great and is simply awesome! It's unleashing a badass energy on one side with a splash of gentle prettiness on the other. The gloves appearing on the arms of celebrities and runway models of late have purely conjured up the desirable theatrics to steal the show and further helped the awestruck stargazers indulge in some wishful fantasy,” she observes.

Palette power

Apart from black being the new black, a few good colours on the palette are dominating the glove scene. “Pink and red sprinkle that little pop of colour, which is what all you need sometimes. I’d recommend that you go for a pair of pieces adorned with handmade bows to up your glove game,” proposes Patel.

For an ultramodern glove look, designers with a futuristic bent of mind offer a colour palette that transcends the classic black to concentrate on a vibrant shade card. “Black has always reigned supreme no doubt. But how about moving onto a riot of hues ranging from earthy tints to radiant splashes of colours? Rich browns, deep blues and refined grays emerge as promising alternatives. These colours not only complement a diverse range of outfits but also deliver a refreshing departure from the ubiquitous black,” reasons Shah.

Glove drama

Finger-baring gloves are a fad at present. Plus, other glove styles hold sway over the fashion territory. “We can’t stop obsessing over opera gloves. Coupling your dresses with glove styles made of patent leather, tantalising lace and even transparent tulle has become a must-donning princess look over time,” deduces Patel.

Other glove types besides the fingerless variety making waves in the fashion district are touchscreen gloves designed with conductive materials to allow the wearer to use touchscreen devices without taking them out. This particular kind of glove shot to instant fame for its practicality in the digital age. Statement gloves crafted from luxurious materials like cashmere or faux fur add a bold and extravagant facet to winter ensembles.

Blingy Glove

Eye-dazzling gloves are creating the much-required razzle-dazzle on red carpets, at masquerade parties, star-studded award nights and in glitzy events for the glitterati.

A pair of handy bejewelled gloves adds that zing and flamboyance to one’s getup, further trickling into his/her personality, advocates the new-age ilk of designers. A sparkly show in cosplay gloves, skating and dancing gloves never fails to seize a glance of the onlookers.

Jewellery designer Astha Katta Sirohiya, the founder of Shyle by Astha, confirms: “Sequined gloves are indeed a shiny trendsetter on the red carpet or at any other event for that matter. While solid dresses would be the best to complement the sequined gloves, an evening gown is the most sought-after choice I guess. Even a gorgeous saree can go with a sequined glove. It may simply rock the look on the red carpet!”

Gloves can be embellished with precious and semi-precious stones besides sequins. “Emeralds and rubies combined with polkis could also be the cynosure of all eyes. The timeless fetish for the pure and vintage silver motifs can never fade out while the pleasing pearls remain a lady’s prized possession. And what better way to flaunt it on her gloves?” assists Sirohiya.


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