Doc destiny: The fantastic five

Numbers are an integral part of our lives and Numerology is the only means or a way to decode and understand the impact, power, the good and bad side of numbers. And today’s date is 14 August which brings down to number 5, the magical number which plays a key factor in boosting life and luck. How Number 5, one of the influencing number in numerology impacts and what does it defines and indicates, let’s try to understand...

Number 5

Number 5 which is in the middle of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 is called as the mediator. It is also known as the middle number and the arbitrator. Those who are born on 5, 14 or 23 of any month, are associated with number 5. Since this number represents public relations and strong contacts, those who are linked to number 5 have very good communication skills and strong contacts. They always co-ordinate with people. Generally, people associated with number 5 are strong on the financial fronts. They have a good knowledge of maths and accounts.

It is seen that people who are ruled by number 5 chose the fields of accounts, trading, finance, stock market. Such people become successful accountants, financial heads and businessmen. Such people also do well in the fields of astrology, numerology, reiki, radical healing, Vaastu and occult science. Number 5 brings financial luck and stability. They also get money easily as compared to others. Number 5 people love travelling as they are ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet.

Hence, logistics, transport, tours and travels, the tourism industry is ideal for them in terms of the business aspect. Number 5 denotes greenery, hence the green colour is favourable for people ruled by number 5. Agriculture, farming, tea, herbs are also favourable for number 5 people.

They get hurt so much when they feel neglected. They don’t forgive easily to those who cheat them. They hate lies and stay away from those who lie. They are loyal and they are transparent to those who are close with. They also keep their transparency at work. They are helpful and kind.

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