Doc Destiny: Take a sneak peek into Pisces!

Here are some quick and interesting facts about the 12th astrological sign, which is the last in the zodiac. Know about the unique characteristics, personality traits etc. of people who are born under this zodiac sign, i.e. -- the Pisceans.

THE FISHES GLYPH: Two fishes swimming in opposite directions while tied together at the centre to represent the vacillating, fluid nature of Pisces.

DATES: 21st February – 20th March

Ruler: Neptune

KEYWORDS: Compassionate, impressionable, receptive, vacillation, imagination, malleable, mysticism, transcendent, union, dreamer, confusion, elusive and self-effacing.

APPEARANCE: Pisceans are characterised by their beautiful eyes: hypnotic pools in which to drown. Clothes are flowing and romantic.

PERSONALITY: Whilst gentle Pisces would not willingly hurt anyone, this unassertive personality finds it difficult to say no. Pisces often cards itself as a victim, and excels at passive and aggressive behaviour. Rather than displease someone overtly, this personality will take on the task with no intention of fulfilling them or make promises lightly only to break them almost to immediately. Pisces gets pulled in two directions at once. One side of this personality is kindness personified, the other is passively manipulated. Wavering between the two. It is no wonder Pisces has difficulty dealing with everyday reality.

LIKES: Anything romantic, artistic any mystical; music, theatre and the arts; the sea.

DISLIKES: Detail, time constraints, reality; telling the truth when it’s going to hurt someone.

CAREER: This sign is happy in an artistic role such as actor, dancer, artist, poet, fantasy writer, photographer or animator. A propensity to addictive behaviour can be work out positively as a drug or alcohol counsellor, hypnotherapist or psychiatrist, nurse or doctor. Pisces enjoys the mystical side of life so priest, intuitive healer, tarot reader, astrologer or illusionist is all appropriate occupations. This sign connection to feet makes Pisces an excellent chiropodist or podiatrist; links to the sea suggest a cruise organiser, sailor, or fishmonger.

MONEY: The money flows in and then flows out. This impractical sign has no time for the future. Details are overlooked, bank statements don’t get checked and financial disaster looms around every corner. An extremely generous sign, Pisces always falls for a sob story and often gets tricked out of considerable amounts of money.

LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Anything to do with water suits Pisces, so swimming, sailing, fishing or cruising are ideal. As an artistic character, Pisces also enjoys writing, poetry, ballet, acting, theatre, photography and watercolour walking painting. Other suitable activities include yoga, dance and solitary metaphysics, romantic dinners and magic of all kinds.

SUITABLE GIFT IDEAS: Pisces adores anything romantic: candles and perfumes are welcomed. A Pisceans likes a touch of luxury, too, so champagne would be fitting. Handmade shoes are sure to please since this is a foot-oriented sign.

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