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Diwali 2021: Give your home the ultimate budget-friendly makeover

This festival of lights revamp your abode without burning a hole in your pocket

Diwali is around the corner, and it is the perfect time to spruce up your interiors. After all, the festivities call for all things sparkling and shiny. If you are worried about your budget, fret not, we have you covered. Giving your home a festive makeover is easy, and if you are on a budget, you can still make simple changes and achieve the look you want. Diwali marks days full of special preparations and arrangements.

Décor Mantra

Social gatherings, parties, hosting guests and relatives, and, of course, a collection of delicious snacks — are all highlights of the festival and one’s excitement and enthusiasm have no end. Along with people, the house must also be prepared for all the festivities and requite with the season’s activities.

Kaveri Sachdev, the CEO of My Pooja Box, said, “Buy marigold from your local florist and decorate your windows and doors with hanging strings of marigold. Take any pretty bowls from your kitchen, add water, rose petals or mogra flowers along with some tealights, and it will instantly brighten up the nooks and corners of your home. Light tealights and add rose petals around each tealight; this looks great on stairways and passages.”

Festive Vibes

We live through the five senses of our body, and home décor should be such that it responds and relates to every sense, smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound. Some simple ways for each would be aromatherapy, beautiful lights and handmade diyas, textured surfaces on upholstery, delicious yet healthy food and soothing, subtle sounds in the backdrop. The festival’s positivity to one’s home during Diwali is an amalgamation of various emotions coming together — nostalgia from all the childhood memories, reuniting with extended families, and cherishing moments with our loved ones.

“When it comes to festive decor, our most effortless trick would be to play with pieces like vases and candle holders and to bring in the festive vibe with the impactful use of flowers and candles in hues that fit well most for the festival. You can choose to go traditional with the use of blooms in bright hues like orange, yellow, and fuchsia. The same trick with reds and whites, and you have yourself set for a merry Christmas. Have a few timeless pieces in your decor stock that, with a little tweak, would serve well for any occasion. A good set of vases and candle holders is a one-time investment, but you can use the same pieces for different festivals in a variety of different ways,” Divyansh Sanklecha and Vipul Pirgal, Founder of Curio Casa stated.


Do It Yourself

Glass bottles and mason jars can be wrapped in jute ropes entirely and used as beautiful boho vases with your favourite flowers inside. Creating a festive vibe through Indian traditions is the easiest option to redo your house. Lighting mild incense sticks, essential oil, scented candles, and home planted flowers like jasmine and marigold add a soft yet impactful fragrance to the house. Rangoli is another traditional art form that has vernacular variations across different states. The gradual drawing of patterns and forms through coarse limestone powder is therapy to one’s mind and body and makes for a beautiful form of decoration.


Meena Murthy Kakkar, Design Head and Partner, Envisage Architecture Studio, said, “Make your own potpourri. A DIY to this is a simple mix of dry flowers, herbs, and essential oils. This not only adds to the ambience but also gives a subtle aroma to the house. One can bring the sound of waves to the house. The use of shells in the form of wall hangings generates a soothing sound in the house. This can simply be attained by stacking shells together and hanging them in various corners of the home. Furthermore, these shells can be used for making lights by adding a little wax and a wick! Shells are found in old decor items, which are now outdated. One can reuse them for decorations rather than throwing them away. Old sarees, dupattas, and long fabrics can give the decor a very traditional and festive look. The house’s upholstery like couches and curtains can be covered by these and revamped to create a winsome atmosphere.”


  • Clean up your home. Decluttering your closets, cupboards and all kitchen cabinets is a must.

  • Decorate your walls with simple wall plates, wall paintings, framed prints, or traditional wall hangings. Festive decals make for an easy, budget-friendly makeover to walls.

  • Revamp your furniture, redoing the cushions with a hint of festive colours like tangerines.

  • Use old brass utensils and decorate with petals to add a vintage touch.

  • Put to good use pieces that you already own. Bring in the overall aesthetic of the festival together with simple additions in the form of flowers, colours and props.

  • Invest in pieces that are evergreen and have a wide range of utilities.

  • Avoid investing in overly trendy pieces. They are a fad that exits as quickly as they come in.

  • Avoid overspending on festival props when the same can be done with little expenditure.


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