Bowled over by DeepVeer, NickYanka? Here’s how to get your dream theme wedding

Pritha Banerjee tells couples-to-be the factors to keep in mind when planning a dream theme wedding

Couples have never had it better! There are themes galore to ensure an unforgettable wedding. You can take your vows amidst chirping birds and streaming creeks. Imagine a wedding day that looks like it has taken a leaf out of a fairy tale book. While your options are endless, we help you choose the one that suits you best.

Location matters

It would be unquestionably the most memorable occasion of you and your partner’s life. Therefore, it’s important to plan a setting of your wedding function that suits your taste. If you are planning for a fairy tale look, an outdoor setting is mostly preferable. This means you can use chandeliers, flowers and starry lights for your stage decorations to get a fantasy world look. “For an extra edge, the wedding planners can have swans in an artificial lake. However, that also depends on the budget and the location of the wedding,” says Deepa Kulkarni, a wedding planner from Mumbai.

When it comes to an Indian wedding, people are obsessed with grandeur and royal look. A palace in Udaipur would be a perfect choice for your wedding venue. “For a royal wedding, the majestic look is important. The perfect location, right decoration, a little drama… and your royal endeavour is ready,” adds Deepa.

If you are looking for a wedding and a holiday wrapped in one trip, a beach wedding is the best option for you. It’s perfect for a person who wants a simple wedding.

Setup significance

Bowled over by DeepVeer, NickYanka? Here’s how to get your dream theme wedding

To give your wedding a particular look, it is crucial to pay attention to intricate details. A fairy tale wedding can have placards and tent cards like, ‘Welcome to a land far far away’, a dreamy ceremony setup of an enchanted garden, a Cinderella carriage for the bridal entry and so on. Soft colours like pink or pastels are preferable for the décor.

“We like a simple wedding setup with minimum rituals. Therefore, a destination beach wedding was our first choice. We both like the sea and most importantly I do not handle stress well, and I get easily flustered. I also wanted something different that is about us and not everyone else,” says 26-year-old, Veena Singh. In a beach wedding, there are mostly outdoor events. Thus colourful umbrellas, hats, scarves and sunglasses are the simple and the best décor option in such cases.

The most important part of a beach wedding décor is the ambience that you create. Organise calypso music, jazz and belly dance performances on your Sangeet or Cocktail nights to get everyone drenched in the mood.

Cuisine specialities

Bowled over by DeepVeer, NickYanka? Here’s how to get your dream theme wedding

Most of your guests will not remember anything but the food that you serve, so make sure to add a touch of the grandiose to it too. The menu you serve at the venue should blend with the theme of the wedding. Talk to your wedding caterer while deciding on the menu and include food and drinks apt for your themed wedding.

If you are going for an enchanted garden look for theme of the wedding and are booking a forest resort, let the food menu reflect the nature element of the wedding. “Pick fruits and vegetables local to the area. You could add freshly caught fish and meat to the dishes as well,” says Veena.  

Trousseau details

We all have dreamed of that perfect lehenga or sari to wear on our wedding day. However it is not the time to lose focus. You need to also account for other items like the bridal trousseau, attire for other functions, shoes, jewellery, lingerie, make-up etc. and you cannot blow up your entire fashion budget on one wedding outfit.

Most of the brides are too hard on themselves trying to lose some extra kilos. “I agree that it is your big day, but getting obsessed with looking a certain way will only add more stress. Consult a nutritionist several months before the wedding, find out what works best for you and get fit, not thin,” claims Reecha Sharma, a nutritionist from Kolkata. Also, make sure to get the wedding dress at the right time, not too early or too late. 

Bowled over by DeepVeer, NickYanka? Here’s how to get your dream theme wedding

Most of us make a very simple mistake of buying the jewellery before the outfit. If the jewellery you bought impulsively doesn’t match anything from your trousseau, it is a total waste of money. Also, while buying the jewellery carry a picture of your wedding outfit to get the perfect match.

Deciding the smallest detail of your dream wedding can be a fun thing to do with your partner. As it is supposed to be a special occasion of your life, make it an event full of surprises, quirks and funny stories so that when you look back at these moments, you just can’t stop smiling.

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