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Accentuate your fashion persona with leather purses for men

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels


A leather wallet is a style statement in itself. Carrying around the right leather purse can say a lot about your fashion aesthetic. But there is more to a leather wallet than being just a fashionable accessory. It is a functional necessity to help you store your cards and money and carry them around conveniently. That is why you need to select your wallet with care. You can never go wrong with a leather wallet that ticks the boxes for style as well as functionality.

But since leather wallets come in so many variations, it can be unclear to make the right choice. Well, if you are not sure how to choose a leather purse, we are here to help you out. Let us look at the various types of leather purses for men based on their features to help you make an informed decision.

Bi-fold Leather Purse

Bi-fold leather purses refer to a type of wallet with two sections. These wallets are folded in half. This means they are folded only once. Due to this design, bi-fold wallets are generally slimmer than tri-fold wallets. The bi-fold design is ideal for you if you prefer to carry a slim wallet around with just enough space in it to put in a few cards along with your money.

The advantage of a bi-fold wallet over other varieties lies in the fact that it can easily fit into your pants pockets, thanks to the slim design. The compact design of this purse makes it a popular choice for modern men who love to stay on top of their style game without compromising on utility.

Trifold Leather Purse

Trifold leather wallets are designed to have three sections. That is why the wallets have two folds in them. Since the trifold wallets are folded twice, they are generally thicker than bi-fold leather wallets. But in some cases, the trifold wallets may be slimmer than the bi-fold wallets due to their design features. As the trifold leather purses come with three sections, they typically provide you more space than their bi-fold counterparts when it comes to storing your money and cards. They are a great choice if you want to keep your money, credit and debit cards, ID card, and business cards all in one place.

Travel Leather Purse

When travelling around, it is essential to keep your passport handy. By carrying your essentials in one place, such as your passport, money, and cards, you can easily access them whenever the need arises. This is where a leather travel wallet can be of much use. Travel wallets are designed to accommodate your passport.

They also have space to keep a bit of your money and a few cards. Thanks to the convenient design of these leather purses, you can also use them as a cover to carry your field journal notes. So, if you love jotting down your thoughts when travelling or making plans along the way, such a travel wallet can come in handy.

Chequebook Leather Purse

Chequebook leather purses do not fall under the category of regular wallets. As the name suggests, they are used for carrying cheque books around. While these purses primarily serve as chequebook covers, they also have a slot for keeping your money, travellers’ cheque's, cards, and ID tucked inside. They may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about men’s purses, but they are a sophisticated choice to carry your cheques, money, and cards inside your chest pocket. You can use chequebook leather purses in everyday life and while travelling.

Slim ID Leather Purse

True to the name, an ID wallet is meant to carry your ID proof. So, the design includes an ID window. The purse also includes dedicated slots for carrying cards and inside space for carrying money, apart from the ID window. The sleek design of the purse lends it a stylish look even as it fulfils your functional requirements.

Such a slim ID leather purse may not be the right choice for you if you want to keep your insurance cards, debit cards, credit cards, membership cards, money, etc., all in one place. But it can be a fine choice if you prefer to carry just a couple of cards and a bit of cash along with your ID.

In Conclusion

A wallet is a necessity that you can not do without. That is why it is wise to invest in a high-quality and durable leather wallet that will last you a long time. Regardless of what type of purse suits your purpose, you need to go for one that can stand up to daily use over an extended period. Also, it should have a classy look that can complement your stylish persona. So, go ahead and select the right leather purse or pure leather belt that can meet your needs for fashion and function with ease.

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Published on: Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 07:09 PM IST