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Updated on: Friday, May 31, 2019, 06:13 PM IST

9 things to ‘NOT’ do on Valentine’s Day


No matter how complex your relationship status is, there is nothing more complicated than being a hot mess on the most lovable day of the year. Valentine’s Day is just around the weekend, an ideal time to woo your love. Even though you’re good at making plans and trying to keep it on fleek, it can go from perfect to paranoid in just a snap. So here’s the answer to avoid all those goof ups that are bound to strike on this day of love.

1. Talk about your ex

Abort mission right away if you plan to discuss about your past on such a lovely day. Your partner would never like their moment to be stolen by someone whom they’ve replaced.


2. Go for a boring movie

If you have zero idea about movies or what’s buzzing in town, do not go solo with your thoughts. Not being sure about your movie plans and ending up for a boring one will surely make your situation worse than the movie.


3. Making way too complicated plans

Getting hitched gets even more exciting on this special day and there is a tendency to go overboard with your supernatural plans. We know you want your love to be impressed by your efforts, but if your plans turn out to be like dominos, your day is going to eventually fall apart.

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4. Not grooming yourself well

If you and your partner have planned to go for a fancy outing and you don’t groom yourself as per the occasion, be ready for a class or two where you’re the only student in detention.

5. Buying outlandish gifts

Regardless of how chunky your pockets are, gifting lavish will not get you brownie points unless your partner is a materialistic moron. Your true love will find it awkward to digest if you go out of your way to buy expensive picks.

6. Bringing a friend

Carrying a third wheel is a clear NO NO! Why would you want a monitor on your Valentine’s Day? Ditch your friendship and discover an utterly special romance rather than mistaking it for ‘friendship day’.

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7. Pass out

It is completely ok to enjoy to the fullest if you’ve found the love of your life. However, enjoying much to the extent of passing out wont sustain your love.

8. Complain or Argue

Your partner has given immense thought in preparing plans for this day. You need not nag or complain about their efforts. Arguing and ruining their mood will only worsen things ending your day in a total disaster.

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9. Break up

You’ve got to hate your partner if you plan to dump them hard on this day. A day that will leave a nasty scar, deep enough to not believe in love is nowhere near sanity.

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