Subject experts share their views during national webinar on Covid Caution
Subject experts share their views during national webinar on Covid Caution

Ujjain: The second wave strain of Covid is showing multiple post disease symptoms like heart or brain stroke, paralysis, sudden death and also Guillain Barre Syndrome in rare cases despite thrombolytic therapy and anti-coagulants. SARS COV-2 is making the immune system highly compromised with lowered lymphocytes almost like HIV resulting in attacks of any opportunistic infection.

These were the words of renowned neurologist Dr Alok Mandlia of Bombay Hospital, Indore who was speaking at the national webinar on “Covid Caution-Responses and Recovery” organised by Tapan Chourey Foundation on the 56th birth anniversary of economist Prof Tapan Chourey.

The second speaker Dr Siddharth Mishra of Manipal Hospital, Jaipur explained all the three phases of Covid and said RTPCR is the definitive diagnosis which works on the third day of infection when virus enters through nose, eyes or mouth showing first stage symptoms like fever, body ache, diarrhoea, loss of taste and smell, or mild cold and cough. The progression to second stage leads to pneumonia and lung involvement from the sixth day of disease showing symptoms like high grade fever, heavy breathing, pain in the chest, uncontrolled dry or wet cough, speech obstruction and fall in oxygen level. Once the third stage of systemic inflammation sets in multi organ involvement occurs which is many a times irreversible and fatal.

Dos and Don’ts: Dr Mishra specifically instructed to restrain from use of steroids in first stage as they weaken the soldier antibodies and also lead to severe post Covid complications. Anxiety-ridden CT scan should be avoided as it can expose body to 400 times more radiation than from X-ray and is very harmful.

The third speaker Dr Noopur Patil from ESI Hospital, Delhi discussed lung involvement and elaborated upon the Vaccination Protocol. She said there are two ways of escaping the disease either by staying in a perfectly protective bubble or vaccination. As the first one is practically not possible and evidences from history and other countries during this pandemic also prove that only vaccination is the effective solution. Talking about the doubts regarding the safety, efficacy and side effects of vaccination she clearly stated that infection cannot be ruled out after vaccination but it surely gives protection against complications and mortality. Dr Patil said that injectable vaccines are useful in training immune system to recognise and fight the Coronavirus and mask is essential even for the vaccinated persons till herd immunity is developed. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, renal failure, common allergies, GBS and pregnant or lactating mothers can get vaccinated.

The fourth speaker Dr Nidhi Sahu, director and counselling psychologist, Life Ahead Counselling Centre, Bhopal said that we have been fighting with pandemic as well as infodemic. Besides physical illness this second wave of Covid has led to widespread trauma, panic and helplessness. Apart from health infrastructure shortfall mental unpreparedness of the population and breaking Covid protocol are also responsible for the devastation. The first wave lockdown should have been utilised in developing our physical and mental immunity. Since fear and anxiety pathways directly worsen the physical status and symptoms so we should work with full resilience and will power to fill our cells with life force energy of healing power. In this grieving situation we should extend a leaning shoulder or a listening soundboard and form a human chain through technology as it not social but physical distancing. Preparation for third wave on our part involves mental immunity boosting through games, music, colour, nature and mud therapies, activating old networks, creative engagements, breathing exercises, healthy diet, yoga, affirmative autosuggestions, and involving the dynamic power of youth to spread awareness.

The webinar was coordinated by Nitin David and Rishu Chourey. Thematic introduction and an online counselling session was conducted by Oorja Tapan and vote of thanks was extended by Kushal Chourey. Technical support was given by Dharmesh Rathore.

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