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Ujjain: There were no traces of wounds on the body of Ayush Nagar, the ‘only accused’ of property broker Chhote Thakur’s sensational murder case, says the MLC report of the accused. On the other hand, police officers’ narrative hinges on the alleged conflict that took place in the room between the accused and the deceased.

The contradiction between the police’s version and the MLC report have once again raised questions on the whole investigation.

The case has achieved a public dimension as social organisations have also come forward to demand an impartial investigation into the matter and to expose the black mailing gang.

The police claimed to have cracked the Chhote Thakur murder case exactly a week after it took place on February 14. But, social organisations here have alleged that the weak investigation has proved to be a boon for the ‘actual’ accused.

While revealing the ‘facts’ unearthed by the probe- ASP Amrendra Singh had said that a conflict occurred between the deceased and the accused over consummating immoral relations on the fateful day at Abhishek Nagar located house. Accused Ayush also sustained injuries in the hand during the whole episode, he added back then.

But, contrary to the officials’ statement, Dr Ravindra Chandrawat, who prepared the MLC report of Ayush, said that there were no wound marks on the body of Ayush. There were no fresh or old marks of wound on accuser’s body, he added.

The question remains unanswered as to what happened in the room that night. Did Ayush killed Chhote Thakur alone, or was anyone else present there, besides the duo?

The social organisations are also raising questions like: the mobile phones of the deceased and accused could provide crucial leads and Nanakheda police should have seized the mobile phones of all the persons concerned.

However, police has failed to do so and if it works on this line then names of many members of the black mailing gang will come to fore, allege social organisations which are observing this case keenly.

CSP Vandana Chauhan said that the case is being explored from all the angles. Evidence pertaining to black mailing gang is also being looked into, she added.

Where did the jewellery from the room go?

Some gold jewellery was also found in the room in Abhishek Nagar where the body of Chhote Thakur was found. However, after the formalities it seems to have vanished into thin air. The jeweller did not get any mention in the seizure report of police nor did the cops mentions about finding any ornaments on the spot. Where did the valuables go? The question is perplexing the rank and file of the police department.

Bungling galore

* Police told media that the accused was hurt during the conflict, but MLC of Ayush contradicts this theory.

* Mobile phones of persons related to the accused and the deceased could have provided crucial clues and so should been seized.

* Even if the people associated with the deceased have formatted their phones --- their data can be retrieved with the help of experts and such persons should be interrogated on suspicion basis.

* The movement of the people involved in the case should be probed.

* CCTV footage of deceased’s friend who informed police about the murder should be scanned for more clues

SBM opens front

Swarnim Bharat Manch president Dinesh Shrivastava has opened front in the case. He said the police should investigate the matter seriously as the black mailing business is rife in the city. Such an issue need seriously examination and people associated with such gangs should be exposed, he demanded.

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