National Doctors Day 2020: Salute to soldiers in white for leading war against COVID

Indore: COVID-19 pandemic has proved that having only one day to express gratitude towards the soldiers in white apron is not enough. Doctors have been guarding the lives of thousands of people from COVID-19 like the soldiers on the border and working tirelessly for the last three months.

Moreover, they have even dedicated their day i.e. Doctor’s Day to the patients and themed it as ‘Lessen mortality of COVID-19’. Four of the doctors died of COVID-19 and many of them were infected but still, their fight is undergoing.

Free Press tried to reach some of the warriors who have dedicated their lives for serving the patients and in pulling down the rate of positive patients in Indore. These are some of the names as there are many of them serving patients without being getting any credit.

Man behind contact tracing, played important role in containing COVID-19

Dr Anil Dongre is a surgeon by profession and has a 20 –year experience of surgery in private hospitals. He came into government services only with the aim to serve people and became the key person in control of COVID-19 in the city.

“I joined the health department last year only when an urban health centre opened in my area. With an aim to serve people, I came into government job. With my interest in computers and data management I was made the contact tracing in-charge,” Dr Dongre said.

He had started tracing of positive patients contacts by taking details from RRT and noting it down on papers. He had a list of every day's contact and later, the same was used and uploaded in the application for the same in districts.

Dr Dosi handled highest number of patients

Respiratory medicine expert of Shri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Science Dr Ravi Dosi has handled the highest number of COVID-19 patients in Indore. He has treated over 3000 patients and also has the credit of highest rate of recovery in the institute.

Dr Dosi has also got the credit of starting plasma trial in the state. However, his dedication for treating patients has kept him apart from his family for the last three months. The irony is that he goes to his home everyday but lives separately in his clinic on the ground floor of the house and meets his family from a distance.

Dr Bhargava leading treatment at biggest government medical college of state

HoD of Respiratory Medicine at MGM Medical College Dr Salil Bhargava is leading treatment of COVID-19 patients at the biggest government medical college of the state. He is leading the team of doctors and medicos and also playing key role in management of patients in all associated hospitals.

Dr Bhargava has initiated treatment of COVID patients in the city and successfully discharged many critical patients.

This team pulled positive rate from 18% to below 5 %

Team of health department officials led by Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr Pravin Jadia has been working tirelessly for the last three months. From finding the patients to following them till recovery, they brought hope to citizens.

Civil Surgeon Dr Santosh Verma, Dr Amit Malakar, Dr Purnima Gadariya, Dr Santosh Sisodiya, Dr Sunil Gangrade, Dr Apoova Tiwari, Dr Nitesh Choudhary, Dr Neeraj Mishra and Dr Aditya Chourasiya are few names of the team working in the odd conditions and risking their lives to save thousands of people from the deadly disease.

Dedicated to the service, Dr Malakar couldn’t even meet his father on his birthday on June 30.

“Drop in the number of cases is only possible with the teamwork and support of the people. The rising number of deaths is a concern but we will soon bring it down,” Dr Jadia said.

Didn’t take leave for 100 days

Vice President of Indian Medical Association-MP Dr Sanjay Londhe didn’t take any leave for last 100 days since outbreak of COVID-19 in city. He played an important role in helping administration to plan and implement the guidelines. From the planning of Red, Yellow, and Green hospitals to consulting patients on his clinic, Dr Londhe also motivated IMA members to join the fight against COVID-19 and to open the clinics to treat routine patients.

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