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Madhya Pradesh: Happy Teachers’ Day, surmounting online challenges these teachers show the way

Expecting experienced teachers to suddenly switch from pen-paper approach to interactive online approach was a challenging idea for schools.
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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Like a guiding light, they help us pass through the darkest tunnels with the light of knowledge and irrespective of our experience their lessons make us a better human being. Teachers are indeed the torch-bearers who again taught us to fight with coronavirus pandemic by taking on the challenge of online teaching.

Expecting experienced teachers to suddenly switch from pen-paper approach to interactive online approach was a challenging idea for schools. However, some teachers not only took up this challenge positively but also excelled at it.

On this Teachers’ Day, we salute the excelling teachers in the city and bring some delightful stories for our readers:

Developed interactive sessions; guided hundreds of teachers

“When first coronavirus spread in the city and country, students’ safety was most essential for everyone, so schools were shut,” Nisha Ahmad, PGT chemistry teacher, said. She added that with time, due to lack of regular education, students were wavering.

“We started with online classrooms, which seemed challenging at first, but we must be learners to be teachers,” Nisha said.

She not only took the initiative of developing interactive learning, but guided over 200 teachers to do the same. “We can adapt, only if we try and are willing to learn,” Nisha said.


Leading learning with rhythm & IT experience

“I worked in Information Technology (IT) firm for quite some time, before hearing my calling and became a teacher,” Harshad Shevgaonkar, PGT Physics, said. He added that as coronavirus was declared pandemic and schools were shut down, there was a major challenge for teachers.

“We had to manage our finances, teach children in an online setting and ensure that we are doing justice in every class,” Shevgaonkar said. With experience in IT, he took the challenge head-on and facilitated development of newer techniques to make online classes more effective.

“I am also a music teacher and found that music helped students focus and concentrate in such difficult times,” Shevgaonkar said.


Uniquely designed projects for experiential learning

“I chose to become a teacher and left my corporate job, because for me, there is nothing else that can truly change the world for better and built a better tomorrow,” Dr Ajit Upadhyaya, head of management department at a private institute, said.

With Covid-19 outbreak and a break on education, he had to come up with a way to ensure learning, rather experiential learning. “I have always believed in teaching using real experiences, but that seemed tough, considering lockdown,” Upadhyaya said.

Hence, he did a course on digital learning and development. “I developed my own simulation and virtual scenarios to provide the best possible way to experience along with uniquely designed projects for my students,” Upadhyaya said.

Teachers pass on lessons on chain of goodness

Constable Sanjay Sanwre’s effort on teaching underprivileged children came to light during lockdown. Guided by his mother, a teacher at Anganwadi, Sanwre always understood the value of knowledge.

“While I was preparing for my examinations, I had noticed that kids in Lalbagh Basti did not go to school,” Sanwre said. About 3 out of 50 went to school.

“To help them out and start a chain of goodness, I began teaching them and further, now, almost all of them go to school,” Sanwre said.


Teaching the cops!

“One has to learn many things in life and one of the most essential lesson is of humanity,” Gyanendra Purohit, special educator, said. He along with his wife Monica Purohit have been teaching cops in Indore about how to deal with disability quoting 21 different types of disabilities.

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Published on: Saturday, September 04, 2021, 10:02 PM IST