Dr Suresh Ranka examining his patient at hospital in Sanawad town of Khargone district
Dr Suresh Ranka examining his patient at hospital in Sanawad town of Khargone district

SANAWAD (KHARGONE): A critical Corona patient can be cured with regular treatment, fresh air, sunlight, meditation and a positive attitude without using Remdesivir injections and this was proven by Dr Suresh Ranka, M D (Doctor of Medicine).

Dr Ranka, an eminent physician in Khargone district and is successfully treating corona patients here in Sanawad town said a long morning walk in fresh air, adequate intake of sunshine daily, regular meditation and positive attitude is very important to beat corona. These measures increase the immunity of the body so much that even deadly viruses like Corona do not have much side effects.

Dr Ranka passed out as an MBBS pass- from the Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal in 1976 and as an MD from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore.

He said that many serious corona patients have been successfully treated at the Ritwik Hospital and Research Centre, whose lungs were infected with coronavirus up to 80 per cent and whose CRP score was high. These patients were having severe breathing problems with fever. Dr Ranka cured all these patients by above stated measures.

Recently, Tulsiram Gurjar, 75, was admitted with 80% lung infection, along with Kamlesh Kewat, 40, resident of Pipalgaon with 85% lung infection. They were treated without administering Remdesivir injections.

Detox drink at 6 am and smoothie at noon made by Dr Suresh Ranka's wife Hemlata Ranka is served regularly to all the patients admitted to the hospital. Social activist Pushpendra Maheshwari is providing 400 food packets to 400 patients and their kin in all the hospitals of Sanawad twice a day on a regular basis.

Dr Ranka said, “Instead of expensive medicines for the treatment of diseases, we should turn to the gifts of nature. New harmful viruses will always be born on the earth. To deal with them, we have to make our body and mind so strong that no virus can make us sick. More attention should be paid to boosting morale and positive thoughts in the treatment of diseases.”

Apart from this, nature has given excellent gifts to humans like nutritious green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, sunlight, pure fresh air and pure water, he said. If we use these gifts properly then many fatal diseases like Corona, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure can be easily avoided, he further added. Medicines can be effective only to a certain extent in the treatment of diseases. But to stay healthy the boons of nature and positive thoughts prove to be the main factors, said Dr Ranka.

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