‘Life blossoms when friendship becomes stronger’

Indore : Friendship is a bond, which is beyond caste, colour, creed, age, nationality or blood relationship.

Friendship Day is celebrated in India on first Sunday of August.

Single string of love, friendships bands form an essential part of the day’s celebration. Since yellow rose symbolises friendship, this is the day when yellow roses are more popular than red ones.

 With gifts, gestures, trips and more, people will celebrate this special bond of friendship with vigour.  Free Press spoke to people to know what friendship is all about. Excerpts

Friendship is a blessing

‘Life blossoms when friendship becomes stronger’

“We did not know each other for long before we got hitched. We had other friends but we became best friends quickly. Love comes naturally in marital relations but friendship is a blessing. We decided to strengthen our bond of friendship with people who blessed us at our wedding. So, we sent paintings (made by sister Akanksha) to them as return gifts instead of buying some formal gifts.” – Radiologist Dr Charul and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Ankush Agrawal

God sent love through her

‘Life blossoms when friendship becomes stronger’

“One can never tell how God sends back sparkle that we lose. I found that sparkle of true relation when I met Vasundhara Kanojiya in college who is now my best friend. Our friendship blossomed like magic. Her entire world revolves round me as I am like her child. I feel god is trying to make up for my parents whom I lost.” – Educator Juhi Kumar with best friend Vasundhara Kanojiya

Sharing with horses

‘Life blossoms when friendship becomes stronger’

“Since my childhood, I was drawn towards horses. As I grew up and my father taught me to ride, I connected with horses more. Now, my best friends in the world are Shabnam and Jaymangal. I can share my smile and sorrow with them without being judged or scolded. ” – Eight-year-old rider Sanskar Rathore with horse

Elder brother my best friend

‘Life blossoms when friendship becomes stronger’

“When you have an elder brother, then you truly have a best friend for life. My brother and I have a bond based on friendship, which I treasure the most in the world. He left his well-settled job to help me with my start-up despite opposition from our family.” – Entrepreneur Dikshant Mahant with elder brother Divyanshu

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