Sir Hukumchand
Sir Hukumchand

Indore: The era of Tukoji Rao Holkar – II (1844 to 1886) was a crucial time for Indore's development. The King also played an important role in the establishment of cotton mills in Indore. Though, at present, no mills are functioning in Indore.

Retired history professor, JC Upadhyay said, “Setting up of cotton mills started in King Tukoji Rao - II tenure. Machines were ordered from England to Indore but they reached only till Bombay and remain there for almost one year due to lack of transportation facility. Later, the machines were brought to Khandwa via train but still didn’t reached Indore”

“To bring the machine to Indore from Khandwa which is around 135km from Indore the king Tukoji Rao Holkar -II sent his elephant to bring the machine”, professor Upadhya said.

“In this way Hukumchand Mill was established which was owned by Sir Seth Hukumchand. Seven mills were established in Indore out of which two mills Hukumchand Mill and Rajkumar Mill were owned by Sir Seth Hukumchand. Rest other mills were Malwa Mill, Bhandari Mill, Swadeshi Mill and Kalyan Mill”, he said.

These mills were famous for cotton fabrics and cotton from Nemawar was used in making fabrics. Over time, these mills established a nation-wide fame in the cotton textile business.

“The mills used to run in three shifts in a day which was from morning 8 to 3pm, 3pm to 12am and 12am to 8am. The workers were informed using a hooter for change of shifts.

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