Indore: ‘Schools need to empower education’; CBSE to organize clusters of 4 to 6 schools as ‘Hubs of Learning’

Indore: Schools need to let down their ego and be willing to share their resources, collaborate and empower education.

This was stated by officials from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in a training session organised at Golden International School on Thursday.

The training session was attended by all the principals and heads of the CBSE affiliated schools in the district.

“With the stated aim of facilitating overall mutual growth and enhancement in the education standards amongst all schools affiliated with the Board, all CBSE schools are mandatorily going to be organised into clusters of four to six with neighbouring schools from this academic session known as ‘Hubs of Learning’,” Dr Biswajit Saha, CBSE Director (Skill Education & Training), said.

One school from each hub has been nominated by the board as ‘Lead Collaborator School’ and will support the other schools in implementing safety guidelines laid down by the board.

“The lead school has been selected based on criteria like board results, pupil-teacher ratio and innovative practices, and will change after a maximum period of two years,” Saha said. The board will consider a group of schools and the community around them as a unit rather than an individual school from this session onwards.

Local school principals welcomed the idea and understood the importance of changing their present pattern of work to collaborative.

Vocational education is the road ahead

“We need to understand that vocational education is the future of our country like any other, sticking to traditional subjects has already led to us a point where we have educated but unemployable youth,” Saha said.

He cited China’s education system.

“They have killed education, it is about training and skills since last decade, which India is starting now,” Saha said.

He explained that the basic reason behind fast growing economies is skill-powered country.

Tougher examinations coming, Beware

Saha warned schools of tougher board examinations for Class X from this session. “There will be more higher-order questions, hence, it is must that schools collaborate and prepare students accordingly,” he said.

Put away ego, collaborate to educate

“Ego is the basic reason that schools are not collaborating and competing instead, but the basic aim of a school is to impart high quality education and empowering students,” Saha said. He explained various ways in which, schools can collaborate and provide the best for all the students.

“For example, one school in the hub has artificial intelligence lab, it can be shared by other schools in the hub, providing access to the subject for students in the hub,” Saha said.

He explained how even the best educators of schools can be shared in the hub.

“For instance, a school has good mathematics teacher, she can be utilised to teach the subject or topic in other schools under the hub,” Saha said.

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