JEE Main 2021: The first session is from 23 to 26 February.
JEE Main 2021: The first session is from 23 to 26 February.


Last day of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2021 on Friday brought ​some relief to students, especially after the challenging paper of Thursday.

Based on student reactions for the examination, JEE Main 2021 analysis for Feb 26 shift 1 and shift 2 was moderately difficult. Compared to yesterday, experts suggest that it was manageable.

“It was not an easy paper, but it was manageable as yesterday’s paper was too difficult for students,” Harpreet Singh, JEE mentor said.

JEE aspirant Sarthak Khatri said, “This was my first attempt for JEE Main 2021 and the exam was neither difficult nor too easy. Mathematics and Physics sections were a bit difficult but Chemistry was easy.”

He added that topics like gravitation and rotational motion held more weightage.

Another aspirant Divya Jajodia said, “The overall difficulty level can be regarded moderate.” She found chemistry section to be a bit difficult with more questions from organic chemistry. “Physics was easier with more questions from electrostatics and electric field. Mathematics section was also moderate,” she added.

Another JEE aspirant Keshav Khushwah said, “Mathematics section was a bit difficult with 4 questions from differential equation. Physical ​C​hemistry and organic dominated the chemistry section. Integer type questions proved to be difficult for me. After IIT JEE exam is over, I will be taking the BITS Pilani entrance.

JEE Main 2021 analysis on the basis of students​'​ reactions-

· The overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate similar to previous sessions.

· Maths section was moderate to hard.

· Some of the topics asked in mathematics were Coordinate geometry, Calculus, Vector, and 3D, etc.

· Chemistry topics included ​S​ & ​P​-block elements, D&F block elements. Also, inorganic chemistry had more weightage.

· Some of the physics topics were Electrostatic, AC Circuit, Current, Semiconductor, Communication System, etc.

Paper analysis: Better chance for students, paper easier than previous days

Harpreet Singh, JEE mentor said, “The questions in mathematics were mostly from calculus, algebra and the weightage was given vectors, matrices, probability, 3D geometry, and complex numbers in algebra. The overall difficulty level of math paper was moderate. Physics paper was the easiest in difficulty level. Most questions were NCERT based. Chemistry paper was tough in as compared to the morning shift today. In the evening shift paper, inorganic chemistry was given more weightage compared to physical and organic chemistry and the numerical based questions were tricky.

The JEE Main question paper 2021 was easier as compared to the other days. Mathematics was easier and there were fewer questions requiring lengthy calculations.”

Answer keys expected by March 7

JEE Main 2021 Feb session exam has now concluded. NTA will soon release the JEE Main 2021 answer key for the session. It is expected that JEE Main result 2021 will be released by March 7. JEE Main 2021 March application form is also expected to be released soon after the result.

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