Indoreans feel hunger pangs late in the night and love to order online. In fact, the city has beaten Mumbai in late night online food delivery orders. A research conducted by a private food delivery company reveals that Indore is the only city from the state to figure in the list of top food living cities of the country.

In fact, Indore does not lag far behind Manipal in highest delivery frequency in the country. The city of Ahilya Bai has even pipped state capital Bhopal in demand for food, especially midnight deliveries. The trend of online food order is a boon for numerous food start-ups of the city. The rise in midnight food demand is attributed to ever increasing number of students from other cities and towns, taste buds craving for unique snacks and night shift employees of IT companies.

That is not all. A few start-up owners even quote increasing demand for birthday cakes, bakes, snacks and drinks for birthday and slumber parties. Apart from leading in deliveries, Indore also boasts of largest variety of food available online. From sweets to savouries, m any homemakers and food enthusiasts have created their own customised dishes with a twist. These twisty dishes and quick deliveries have helped them in building a food start-up that can even run from their home kitchen. Their take on online food deliveries and its scope

A boost for start-up dreams

Indore pips Mumbai in midnight food cravings

It is no surprise that Indore is among top cities, where people order food online a lot. I can say that confidently, because Indoreans welcome everything new and especially if it is food. Online food delivery is a two-way benefit for those like me, who lack initial funds to set up a restaurant and maintain staff. The benefit for customers is that they can satiate their cravings for favourite cuisines 24X7. By delivering food online, we have access to a large number of customers. My start-up is a clear example of how much Indore supports food ventures, which is rare even in metro cities. In my case, I could fulfil my dream of baking customised cakes with the help of online deliveries.

Truly a food capital

Indore pips Mumbai in midnight food cravings

There is no doubt about Indore truly being food capital of the country. We initially started functioning at night with major cooking, because it is easy for Indoreans to get food in the day in markets. We feared competition from Sarafa market. However, it seems that Indoreans accept and love quality food whether it comes in a box or from a stall. We would have never achieved success if it was not in Indore. Some of our friends tried such start-ups in Pune and other bigger cities, but they did get that much success. Even in smaller cities, people don’t accept start-ups, especially food so easily.

Better than Mumbai for foodie start

Indore pips Mumbai in midnight food cravings

I am a foodie. When I got married and moved from Mumbai to Indore, I found my paradise. There is no doubt that Indore has the largest variety of food, be it in a stall or a luxurious restaurant. I love to cook as much as I love to eat. Last year, I wanted to start a venture and it was obviously a food-based start-up. Within a month, I got orders from the city and yes, a lot of them were midnight cravings. With time, I understood how Indoreans love their food being twisted. There is no doubt that Indore is the best city for food lovers and cooks. My friends failed to run the food start-up that well in Mumbai, while Indore has supported me a lot.

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