UK Jha, chairperson Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE schools
UK Jha, chairperson Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE schools


Following the coronavirus outbreak, normal education in classrooms has transformed into online classrooms on technological platforms. However, much of it has not been successful especially if learning is measured.

Students are comfy at home, but despite focused attention, there is a lack of understanding and clarity of concepts. While we expected online classrooms to be different, most school teachers tried their level best to make it just like the usual classrooms by explaining subjects on white and green boards.

Though their efforts are commendable, teachers accustomed to offline classrooms and teaching schedules are not the best learning experts online and hence, Ed-Tech firms all over the country have come up providing experts.

While Ed-Techs continue to grow and capture the education sector by providing tech-friendly teachers and unconventional teaching methods, schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) understand that they need to provide what Ed-Techs are doing to continue schooling post Covid-19 now.

Traditional teaching not fruitful

“Training teachers is a tough task as they are accustomed to traditional teaching methodology and concepts,” UK Jha, chairperson Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE schools, said. He added that teachers have been trying to stick to their approach of teaching on a board, which was done even on smart boards most of the time.

“However, teaching on the board is not fruitful in online classes, because there are already other challenges in the country like setting up the camera, internet speed and other issues,” Jha said. He added that some teachers have also mentioned that parents want to attend classes and learn English as well.

AI trends in education: Adapt to retain students’ interest

Ed-Tech companies especially start-ups are launching interesting ideas and interactive boards, wherein students experience a new 3D form of learning. “Technology is a driving force now especially in case of education, because we can provide children alternatives to learning a topic and enable self-learning using various tools and artificial intelligence (AI),” Shawez Shaikh, the co-founder of an IT start-up in Indore, said.

He added that various local Ed-Tech start-ups and innovators have also been working on creating their own customised apps. “Coaching centres and even some individuals want their own student-friendly apps to teach because that’s the way to go ahead for education now,” Shaikh said.

Can’t complain, need attention-grabbing tech

A lot of children are lying down while attending classes. Many students are often browsing something else or just unable to focus on the class.

“Blaming the student is not the solution here, as even adults cannot focus on a tiny screen for hours and listen to someone,” Jha said.

Further, adding up rules further demotivates students. “We want the child to feel happy and enjoy the class, but it is not happening in school classes,” parent Hari Krishnan said.

Hence, what is required is an engaging class empowered with an interactive teacher in a fun indirect learning classroom.

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