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​The 56-year-old man, whose condition deteriorated after taking ​Covid-19 vaccine dose on Saturday, was shifted to Bombay Hospital for further treatment on Sunday.

Doctors claimed that his condition ​is improving and his blood pressure level is also under control. The doctors also added that the patient’s eyesight is also returning and he can now see objects.

Ishtiyaq Ahmed, a resident of Moti Tabela, is employed at City Zoo. He had got vaccinated at PC Sethi Hospital at about 1.30 pm and turned unconscious due to which he was admitted to MY Hospital.

Ishtiyaq's son Aziz Khan had told media persons that his father didn't have any disease or problem earlier and he fell ill after getting the vaccination.

“The patient was shifted to Bombay Hospital from Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital on Sunday morning on the request of the family members and on the directions of Indore Municipal Corporation officials,” District Immunization Officer Dr Tarun Gupta said.

He added that loss of eyesight doesn’t have any relation with the vaccination as vaccines are safe and efficient. The patient might have developed such symptoms due to blood pressure and sugar.

Patient has retinal thrombosis

Meanwhile, doctors of Bombay Hospital told media persons that the patient has some blockage in retinal vein i.e. retinal thrombosis and these blockages are ​a ​year old due to which he had lost sight ​in one eye.

Patients with comorbid conditions can take the jab: CMHO

After learning about the incident, in​-​charge ​c​hief ​m​edical and ​h​ealth ​o​fficer Dr Purnima Gadaria clarified that the vaccine is safe even for those suffering from co-morbidity and patients having diabetes and blood pressure can also take the vaccine.

“Vaccines are safe and it is advised that those suffering from diabetes and blood pressure should get the jab as they are comparatively more prone to ​Covid-19,” Dr Gadaria said.

Four beneficiaries had developed AEFI earlier

As many as four beneficiaries had developed ​adverse events following immunization​ (AEFI)​, a few days ago, but were discharged from the hospital after a few hours.

“Yes, four beneficiaries had developed some symptoms but they were common symptoms after vaccination, there were no severe cases. Many beneficiaries are complain​​ing of fever​ ​and headache and these are common symptoms after any vaccination.” District Immunization Officer Dr Tarun Gupta said.

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