Indore: Lawyer who drank pesticide dies in hospital, accuses wife and her lover of his fatal step

The lawyer who drank pesticide in an attempt to suicide three days ago, died in the city hospital during treatment on Saturday. The lawyer left a four-page suicide note in which he accused his wife of breaking his trust and cheating him for another man. The lawyer blamed the wife, her lover and the people involved for his death. Not only this, on his status also he attributed the death to his wife and her lover. Post his death, the court organisation filed a complaint to the DIG and the DGP, reacting to which, DIG ordered to register the case as per the suicide note.

According to Pandharinath TI Kamlesh Sharma, Udaypura resident Sanjeev Mehra consumed poison on June 24. The police team had then reached MY hospital to take a statement, but the doctors did not allow them to take the statement citing that the patient’s condition is critical. The team also went the next day, but statements could not be taken. Police said that the lawyer had submitted an application for missing a registry on June 15, which was under investigation. At that time, no information was given about the wife and lover.

Citing the suicide note…..:

"I loved my wife very much. I believed her blindly, but she broke my trust by dating someone else. An affair was going between them from about 8 months( August ‘19 to April ’20). When I asked my wife about it, she said that it is just normal. My mental health is deteriorating due to the same.

On June 16, the wife went somewhere without telling me. When I inquired, I found that she had gone to her mother in Dhar. I don’t know who accompanied her till there. She left the house at around 3 in the day, when I was not at home while the children were playing on the terrace. At 7 o'clock in the evening, Sadhubhai present in the house told that she has not returned. Around 9 o'clock in the night she informed that she had reached. The way to Dhar is only two hours from Indore. So how did she leave at 3 o'clock and reached at 9 o'clock at night? I suspect her of being with her lover.

I told my mother-in-law about this. Wife's boyfriend had threatened to kill me saying that she is mine. I worry about my children. I don't feel sorry for my death, the one I loved has betrayed me. The proof of all this is on my mobile. I have saved all their chat and call details. People with cyber cells can check mobile calls and chats of the wife and her lover. Both of them were trying to kill me. My flat in Udaipura, Laxminagar and Biyabani intersection belong to my wife.

These three properties are named after me and wife, so the wife and lover played the game. If anything happens to me, the wife will become the mistress of the property, this opinion was given by her lover, because he works in the registry department. I am suicidal by getting fed up with all this. I want to tell the children that their father was not bad, but the situation forced him to do so. I request my elder brother to take care of my children. Always be happy my son and become a doctor, take care of your younger brother as well. All the documents are kept in my cupboard, see them and do all the work. "

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