Indore: IMC-coloniser tug-of-war on littering, sanitation creates trouble for residents

The continuous tug-of-war between IMC and the colony management over littering and sanitation has spelt trouble for residents.

Staff Reporter | Updated on: Saturday, April 30, 2022, 08:25 PM IST


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): While the city has bagged the Cleanest City tag for the sixth time in a row, a township at the Bypass seems to experience a different scenario.

In one of the townships at Bypass, Mount Burg, residents allege that the colony management (coloniser) blames Indore Municipal Corporation for lackadaisical work, while the civic body calls it the responsibility of the colony management as it is a covered campus.

The continuous tug-of-war between IMC and the colony management over littering and sanitation has spelt trouble for residents.

Residents of the society claim that there is no proper sanitation in a few areas of the society and the people litter waste, especially plastic, around the empty plots which makes the place dirty. Even in the backyard of the society, garbage can be seen scattered all over the place. A foul smell emanating from the direction of the trenching ground also pollutes the environment making it difficult for residents.

Arpit Kabra, coloniser, Mount Burg Society, says, “We pay our taxes regularly, yet we aren’t provided the requisite services in time by the civic body.”

Other important issues include the unavailability of Narmada water connection, where the society has to depend upon their 4 wells and individually built borewells.

Manoj Kumar Bhate, secretary, Residents’ Association, Mount Burg, says, “A Narmada water pipeline has been laid for two years, but we still don’t get any water supply. The Prime Minister’s quote, ‘Har Ghar Nal se Jal’ seems to be just a slogan.”

Illegal truck parking, and no street lights

Trucks that are parked around the society illegally make it inconvenient for residents to pass through the area. The unavailability of streetlights also makes the area prone to accidents. Women, on the other hand, feel unsafe because of these two major issues.

Shraddha Pancholi, a resident, says, “The government authorities should provide us with streetlights outside the campus, as we feel unsafe while travelling and chances of an accident are great as many speeding vehicles pass through the area.”

Traffic issues leave residents concerned

There is no public mode of conveyance available for the residents other than four buses that have a common destination, Aurobindo. Traffic jams occur way too often near the flyover of Nayta Mundla, and it takes 1-1.5 hours for residents to get out of them.

Major issues which bug the township

Sanitation issues where garbage, especially plastic, is scattered all over the place

No supply of Narmada water

Illegal parking of trucks

Unavailability of streetlights along the highway

Limited public transportation

Mahendra Mishra

Mahendra Mishra | FP Photo

‘New public transport routes badly needed’

‘We don’t have any public transport facility other than on one fixed route. Hence, when people want to travel to different destinations, they aren’t left with any option other than private vehicles or cabs. Public transport authorities should introduce new routes that connect the society to major destinations of the city’

— Mahendra Mishra, president, Residents’ Association, Mount Burg

Arpit Kabra

Arpit Kabra | FP Photo

‘Police patrolling is also very irregular’

‘The government authorities don’t take responsibility for any issues that we face. Police patrolling is also irregular which makes us worry about our security’

— Arpit Kabra, coloniser, Mount Burg.

Manoj Kumar Bhate

Manoj Kumar Bhate | FP Photo


‘Traffic issues should be resolved quickly’

‘Narmada water supply should be made available to us as soon as possible. Traffic issues should be resolved and safety measures should be provided’

— Manoj Kumar Bhate, secretary, Residents’ Association, Mount Burg

Shraddha Pancholi

Shraddha Pancholi | FP Photo

‘Illegal truck parking makes it unsafe’

‘Illegal parking of trucks makes it unsafe and risky for us while we’re going out or coming back to the society. Traffic jams make our life miserable while travelling’

— Shraddha Pancholi, resident, Mount Burg


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Published on: Saturday, April 30, 2022, 08:25 PM IST