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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Students who aim to become doctors or create their mark in biotechnology must be well prepared for CBSE biology examination of Class XII. Though it might seem daunting to some when it comes to scoring marks, there is an easy way to prepare and score well in a subject like biology.

Sharing her insights and experience, Sushmita Munshi, biology subject expert offers tips.

Syllabus: This year the syllabus has been reduced by 30%. 5 chapters have been deleted. The new syllabus and marking scheme is as follows:

Unit: Reproduction

Chapters: Reproduction in flowering plants,

Human reproduction

Reproductive health

Marks: 14

Unit: Heredity and evolution

Chapters: Principles of inheritance,

Molecular basis of inheritance

Marks: 18

Unit: Microbes in human welfare

Chapters: Human health and diseases,

Microbes in human welfare

Marks: 14

Unit: Biotechnology

Chapters: Principles of biotechnology,

Applications of biotechnology

Marks: 12

Unit: Ecology

Chapters: Organism and population,


Marks: 12

Total marks: 70

Exam pattern

1. The question paper has 4 section A, B, C and D.

2. Section A has 14 questions of one mark each and 2 case based questions.

3. Out of 14 questions, 10 are very short answer question, 4 are assertion reason questions and 2 case based questions.

4. Section B has 9 questions of 2 marks each.

5. Section C has 5 questions of 3 marks each.

6. Section D has 3 questions of 5 marks each.

New Change: Assertion reason questions and case based questions introduced this year.

How to prepare?

1. The student should study NCERT exclusively.

2. The chapter should be studied 3 to 4 times and keywords and key definition should be noted.

3. The diagrams of the chapter reproduction in flowering plants and human reproduction should be practiced thoroughly.

4. Previous 10 years question papers should be practiced.

5. Student should solve as many questions as possible.

* Relaxation and entertainment is necessary. Healthy food and light excise is a must.

6. As a number of chapters are reduced, every chapter is equally important and should be thoroughly prepared.

High weightage are 5 marks questions for practise

Q1. Diagrammatically explain megasporogenesis.

Q2.Where and how in the testes process of spermatogenesis occur in humans? Draw diagram of human sperm and label 4 parts.

Q3.Explain the Messelssen and Stahl experiment and what conclusion is drawn from it?

Q4. Explain Hershey and Chase experiment and conclusion drawn from it.

Q 5.Explain the process of PCR and its applications

How to solve Biology paper?

1. Students should properly read the paper and a plan should be prepared for solving it in the reading time.

2. None of the questions should be left without attempting.

3. Even if you are unable to solve some questions, try to write some points related to that question.

4. No coloured pencils or pen should be used for drawing the diagrams and labelling.

5. Relax and don't panic while attempting the paper.

6. Revise the paper after completing it.

Indore: Expert tips on Central Board of Secondary Education class 12 exams on biology

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