Jyoti Prasad Sharma
Jyoti Prasad Sharma


The CCTVs in the house were switched off before the gruesome act. Nevertheless, the CCTVs grab in the area can come to the aid of the investigating cops. How the killers, ”helped” by the girl by entering the house and after the “job” how they left the place… all these questions can be cleared with CCTV footages in the area. The cop’s son in a fit broke open the lock of the house and thereby any fingerprint on the lock would have been destroyed. The son’s hasty entry into the house also may have tampered with some vital clues. The letter of the daughter received from the spot has to be verified thoroughly.

Indore: The killer/s had targeted the heads and temples of constable Jyoti Prasad Sharma and his wife Neelam with an intention to kill them on the spot. Police said deep injury marks were found on their heads and temples due to which they died instantly. Police also believe that two or more persons were inside the house and they committed the crime.

ASP Prashant Choubey said possibly Jyoti Prasad and his wife were sleeping when the attackers entered the house and they started clubbing them on their heads and temples. Some injury marks were also found on their hands so it is believed that they even tried to struggle. The killer/s did a smart job by fleeing with the murder weapons. Police said the couple was attacked with a sharp edged weapon.

ASP Choubey said a search is on for the prime suspects in the case. Ongoing investigating revealed that their mobile phones were switched off for many hours before the incident so the police suspected that it was a planned murder. The CCTVs of the house were also switched off during the incident so the cops doubt on the daughter of Sharma and her friend, who resides in Gandhi Nagar. Her friend is the son of a leader of a political party.

Suspect not found at his place

The police raided the place of the suspect (a friend of deceased’s daughter) in Gandhi Nagar area but he was not there. Sharma’s daughter is also missing after the incident. Some teams were constituted by senior officials to search the suspects and to investigate the case further. The case is being investigated on all the aspects.

Police to take statements of elderly parents

Following the murder, elderly parents of Sharma are in a shock and they were not able to give statements to the police. ASP Choubey said the statements of the elderly persons will be taken to know about the family problems and the behaviour of the deceased towards their daughter. Jyoti Prakash’s son told media persons that his sister is missing and she may have been abducted.

Panic in the area after the incident

Neighbours and locals of the area are shocked. They knew the well-natured Sharmas for their humbleness. He was the driver at MT branch of 15th battalion of SAF in the city.

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