Indore: Crime ​a​gainst ​w​omen: Biggest ​blot on India’s reputation


The total number of cases of crimes against women crossed 4 lakh cases in 2019. As compared to 2010, the number has gone up by nearly 53%.

The rate of crimes against women per lakh population touched an all-time high of 62.4 in 2019. The crime rate has been increasing over the years and crossed 60 for the first time in 2019.

If that’s not enough to wake you up and tell you that ‘crime against women’ is perhaps the biggest blot in India, then recall the alleged rape and murder of a young woman in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh in September 2020.

The case raised the issue of caste-based violence and discrimination alongside women’s safety. The victim belonged to a Scheduled Caste and allegations were made that the victim’s caste influenced the actions of police and public authorities.

Cases registered at Women Police Station, Indore in 2020

Total: 131

Molestation charges: 5

Rape: 11

Dowry Harassment: 114

Other: 1

Women Police Station in-charge Jyoti Sharma said, “As often seen before, women are less safe in their own homes and especially after marriage, most women face violence and harassment.” She added that these crimes are often not reported considering family’s goodwill.

Impart the right education to Boys!

“Smart defines excellence, we cannot have a smart city with such condition of women in Indore. We are putting Devi Ahilya Holkar, Mother India and every woman to shame with such actions.

A city led by a female mayor is in such a condition. It is not just a blot anymore, it is a shame and problem in our basics.

We need to stop focusing on telling girls what to do to save themselves from molesters. Instead, we need to focus on imparting moral education to boys.

We cannot have a smart city or even a civil city without trust-worthy environment in families and society. I don’t see how even death penalty is enough for such crimes.”

Padma Shri Dr Janak McGilligan Palta, Social activist

Never allow & accept ill-treatment of women at home or outside

“People claiming that women’s dressing is a cause for such acts should feel ashamed when such cases of molestation with little girls have become a part of regular news as well.

It is shameful and scary for every woman to walk on the street and fearsome to have our little girls in this world.

Among possible causes, the root remains as the lack of respect for women in our society. Children in most households including elite class grow up looking at their mothers being ill-treated.

Obviously, they do not develop the right attitude of respect towards females. Lack of moral values is another cause. The reason for targeting little girls could be their vulnerability and idea of easy escape.

We need to change our society at large and develop a respectable life for women, give them power. Rape is an aggressive act and often used as revenge, which is shameful.

Boys have to be taught respect for every life especially women.”

Dr Smita Agrawal, Psychiatrist

Stop attacks, not just preach defence!

Girls are becoming stronger but neither society has changed nor number of rapes. Nobody takes proper stand in punishing rapists.

Every day at least four cases are reported on every media about rape. How many go unreported is another matter. We need to counsel men and teach them to be responsible.

No matter how much we teach self-defence, we cannot change until we stop attacking girls.

Sangeeta Uppal, School principal

Be a true man, stop crushing women

“Rape cases are worsening and even having one such case is not justified. We need administration to toughen up and take strict actions.

We have created an environment where every girl is scared and fear makes them more vulnerable. Girls should be able to report eve teasing and raise their voice.

Every rapist should be publically punished and that should inflict fear in men before hurting a girl. Women bring life into this earth. One cannot imagine what labour pain feels like, but women do with courage.

Women are strong, but crushed by gangs of men attacking and pressuring them enough to crumble their spirit, life and existence. Start the change, be a true a man!”

Dr Usha Shrivastava, Gynaecologist

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