Indore: Another leopard spotted in Ujjaini forest

Indore: Another leopard was spotted in Ujjaini forest area on Friday, probably sibling of the female leopard rescued about 15 days back from the same area.

The leopard was spotted 20 kilometres from Indore. Based on information received from villagers, forest department has installed night vision cameras in the area.

The leopard’s spotting was further confirmed by pugmarks. Following the spotting and pugmarks, trap was installed by the department on Friday to catch the leopard.

On November 1, the department had set up a cage and rescued the two-year-old female leopard from Ujjaini.

The villagers had reported a female leopard and two cubs back then as well. Mounted cameras and cages in four different locations were set up then.

On monitoring for seven days, the camera had spotted rabbit, deer and hyena. Instead of leopard, a Jackal was imprisoned.

Following the instance, forest department officials assumed that the leopard had moved away to another spot. Hence, cameras and cages were removed on November 9.

But on Wednesday night, the villagers informed that the leopard was spotted again. On getting this information in morning, forest officials went to the spot.

Later, when leopard pugmarks were found at some places. Cameras were installed in the pond and forest.

Based on the pugmarks, it is estimated that the leopard is two years old by deputy ranger TR Hatila.

Leopard spotted several times in four months

· On July 10, the leopard was found injured and rescued from Nayapura forest area.

· On October 2 and 3, leopard movement was seen at the Ralamandal Sanctuary.

· On October 18, a leopard was rumoured to have been roaming on the road in Janapav of Manpur range.

· On October 21, villagers reported presence of a female leopard in the thick forest area of the Choral Range.

· On November 1, the female leopard was rescued from Ujjaini

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